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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

-Shisio’s Skill

(On the outskirts of Mizugakure, Jisho and Misa are walking cross a vast ocean.)

Misa: So, that skill of yours. How do you do it?

Jisho: Oh, you mean how I leave no scars when I cut down my foes? Well it’s a secret, and all sevenmist swordsmen are bound to a pact to never release swordsmanship styles of any kind to the outside.

Misa: You abandoned the troop the moment you came with, so stick your old fashioned honorary logic in your ass. (Jisho sighs.)

Jisho: You know I never agreed with how Mizukage was running things. I saw how she plotted the SNA against the global nations in an attempt to survive.

Misa: I hear ya, I pledge loyalty to the village, not to Reika. What’s your point, we know it alls already knew how she got down.

Jisho: No, we’ve done much worse than follow her injustices after all; I was used as a decoy along with the rest of the mist swordsmen to set up a meeting with those seven SNA members seven years ago in order to trap Shisio’s Devil Army.

Misa: Are you serious?

Jisho: Definitely. Shisio, the sevenmists former leader and my eternal Senpai, was getting too smart for his own good. When he branched off from us and became the leader of his own platoon of skilled assassins, Mizukage must have known that he wasn’t in it for the long ride. Rumors of overthrowing, and what not, started to arise, that made Mizukage worried so she broke Shisio and put him up to getting revenge on a man in which he had at one time respected as a worthy opponent.

Misa: Shisio was a perceptive one, never to be played a pawn. It’s such a shame that we were all used by her. But it wasn’t your fault, you were just obeying orders and was too ignorant to react. We, the people of Mizugakure like to believe that our leader is just and has the better outcome for everyone however, she’s none of the sort. During times of war, any strategic alliance or beneficial intelligence can tip the tide in someone’s favor. It’s just unfortunate that she never cared for our well being and left us to rot into an internal genjutsu.

Jisho: Eloquently spoken as always. But, just weeks ago, I helped the other mist swordsmen in stopping a young Cloud Shinobi from interfering with the initial meteor project set up by Asura, SNA, well UHE’s jutsu smuggler. We were under orders to aide the SNA at that time, before Mizukage screwed up and invoked their wrath. I, I can’t believe I, Now there’s a meteor above Mizugakure I could’ve prevented it If I didn’t… (Misa YELLS.)

Misa: STOP! Don’t say it. That wasn’t you. (Jisho is confused.)

Jisho: I was right there, how could you say it wasn’t me?

Misa: Do you remember a young female in a distant memory. (Jisho is shocked.)

Jisho: You mean She?
Misa: I fought her with a man name Tank, it appears they are both high caliber members of UHE. Before we got interrupted, Mizukage stopped the fight. Anyway, that young woman was preparing a genjutsu, and I remember it recently as well after I shattered the genjutsu with the serum.

Jisho: So we were being controlled. Did Mizu-I mean Reika set us up as bargaining pieces to initially gain the SNA’s trust? Heh, can’t believe it…

Misa: It got me too, so don’t sweat it.

Jisho: You wanted to know my special ability. I’ll tell you on one condition (Jisho smirked).

Misa: Shoot.

Jisho: When this is over, you become Mizukage, and I’ll kill any bastard that upsets your rule.
Misa: Heh, already planning on it. But I’ll have to free the other seven six mist swordsmen as well. We also need to get back the Mist Slasher Known as Shisio. With such a power and information out in the open like that, we risk home land security.

Jisho: Pressure Damage…

Misa: What?

Jisho: Every kind of weapon that is swung emits a wave similar to wind however, it isn’t wind nature that I use. I use the waves from this cleaver to strike my opponents. So, my blade never touches my opponents.

Misa: Looks like you got your morale back, I like when you speak of assassination.
Jisho: It takes an extremely powerful and able swordsman to manipulate the waves of weapons. I effectively crush the insides of my adversaries as the wind pressure from my weapon can effectively cut through a mountain due to its sheer weight and mass.

Misa: You’re getting a little ahead of yourself, you’re not Konoha’s Aerial Hatchet. (Jisho laughs.)

Jisho: I always wanted to clash with that man, during the war, he was caught up too much clashing with Shisio and his platoon. I’m shocked though, only a man of Shimizu Hiro caliber could counteract Shisio. Though, Shisio never revealed his S-Ranked Technique.

Misa: Figures only his former trusted Kohai would know of such technique.

Jisho: I’ll spill his guts for leaving and not having me join his unit; he should have known that I’d be down with anything he planned. I was green at the time, so I didn’t suspect much, but I’m shocked he wouldn’t trust me. But for that, I’m telling you his special technique.

Misa: hah, hah, hah. Maybe we can use this as leverage to get Shisio back. People would be dyeing to learn of this skill, might put Shisio in a bind and force him back here if need be.

Jisho: Firstly, he uses the Hidden Mist Technique. This clouds the eyes his opponent. Then, he activates Body Flicker. He uses the mist to cloud his rapid movements. By using body flicker, he can effectively appear anywhere out of the mist.

Since he trained to learn to fight in that field, he knows the feel of that environment, so he can determine his enemy’s position. Plus, on top of that, he uses Silent Homicide Technique to activate his reflexes to dispatch the shinobi without any dispenses. It is indeed something only he can master, as manipulating the body flicker and the silent homicide technique at once takes a knack that requires enhanced killer instincts that rarely appears in even the most gifted of assassins.

I’ve been trying to learn it, but I can only take it so far. This is the only technique that no one besides me, has seen from the Mist Slasher; an S-Rank technique that, indeed; one day it’ll even be a kinjutsu because of the nature of it. He’s like literally the mist when he uses that technique. He becomes one with the mist and attacks with his sword. He doesn’t need elemental chakra in his blade when he uses that technique because the coordination and accuracy when pin-pointing the vitals are so high that elemental chakra isn’t required. Also, elemental chakra might reveal his movements, so he doesn’t use it with the technique.

Misa: Amazing, I’ll have to record that down in a forbidden scroll when I become Mizukage. So, what’s the name of that jutsu?

(Jisho grins.)

Jisho: Fatal Mist! Because the moment the mist goes up, is the moment the opponent meets fatality.

(The Scene switches to a training hall somewhere in the basement of Rain village. Orca, Shark, and Dolphin are knocked on their backs. They are surrounding Shisio; as Shisio sheathes his blade.)

Shisio: Even after all this time, you three still can’t handle me. Hah… If we were fighting for real, all three of you really would be taking a dip in a body of water. Then again, given your code names, I guess you’d three like that hmm…

(The three of them sits up and paints horribly.)

Orca: So that ankle of yours is all better isn’t it?

Shisio: Yep, I can hardly feel the pain Sazx put me through. Guess I don’t have to spill that doc’s brains after all.

Shark: I’m not done yet!

(Dolphin looks over and sighs.)

Dolphin: Not even Orca could take him alone, and he got the closet to drawing an effective blow. Shark, just give it a rest!

Shark: AHHHHHHHHHHH (He rushes over to strike Shisio.)

Orca: He’ll learn.

Dolphin: Ohh. (She closes her eyes. Shark prepares to strike Shisio however, Shisio expertly spins to Shark’s backside and quickly pulls out his blade and cracks Shark on the back of the head with the flat side of his blade. Shisio notices that there is a crack in his blade.)

Shisio: Impossible. (He quickly sheathes it as Shark hits the ground and groans.)

Shark: AHHGGGRGH. (He then passes out from blow, Shisio then proceeds to leave the room.)

Dolphin: Oh, Shark…
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