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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Orca: Where are you going?

Shisio: I need to pay the doc a vision, in either case, training is over for today. Come at me again today and I’ll be sure to have your lives. (Scene switches over to Dream’s lab; Sasuke is seen sleeping on a nearby revolving bed recovering from his surgery. As Shisio walks through the door, Dream takes notice and greets him.)

Dream: Oh. Come to thank me for repairing your ankle? I did marvelous didn’t I? Using enhanced growth enzymes by taking bone marrow from healthy bones. (Shisio cuts him off.)

Shisio: Yeah, yeah whatever. My Slayer, it has a crack. You fix weapons too don’t you? (Shisio pulls out his blade and shows it to Dream.) Fix it or, die.

(Dream takes the Katana from Shisio and looks it over.)

Dream: This isn’t Kusanagi steel.

Shisio: Hmph.

Dream: You’ve been channeling chakra into this blade that probably weakened the atomic bounds that holds matter of this steel together. It was only a matter of time before in broke in two, good thing you picked up on this little crack before it became too late.

Shisio: This was a weapon I gained when I was a Sevenmist Swordsmen. I know every facet of this weapon. It was created from the strongest metallic bonds of the Hidden mist. This katana is called Bakufu-katta [Waterfall Cutter].

Dream: I see, this is a really strong metal, rivaling even the Kusanagi’s steel however, this type of metal is not good for chakra amplifying like Kusanagi. I can repair your blade however it would be wise not to use elemental chakra in your blade anymore.

Shisio: That’s fine, I don’t want a carbon copy of that Uchiha’s blade anyway. I stick to my own shit.

(Dream smirks.)

Dream: Indeed. Defiant, I like that. (The Scene switches over to the room occupied by Reika and Kakuya.)

Kakuya: We’re only aiding you because of Dream, get that through your scull.

(Soon Kimiko enters the room.)

Kimiko: Sis! We have to cooperate. (Kakuya sneers.)

Reika: Tell me, what did you see with your Byakugan when you were on spy duty over the terrain for the past few days.

Kimiko: Konoha Troops were headed towards Sunagakure, it seems they’re planning to finally strike with their help.

Reika: I wonder if they’ll attack us, or the SNA… No, we’re not much of a target to them yet. They’ll strike the SNA. During the confusion when the two forces are colliding, we’ll claim The Hokage’s life, that’s the better alternative. No better yet, we’ll aide with the SNA just for a while, in order to get The Hokage off our backs then we’ll proceed once everything died down…

Kakuya: But they turned on you because you failed to produce results and your own men deserted you. Fuck off, you can’t trick them again.

Reika: Hah, like someone of your tiny intelligence understands what espionage is. It doesn’t matter if bad blood existed in the past, all that matters is the moment. Whoever is useful will be made of use, past relations will be eliminated in order to arrive at a mutual goal. It seems Dream didn’t wire you with a proper brain.

Kakuya: Oh no you didn’t! (Kimiko gets in front of her sister to calm her down.)

Kimiko: NOO! We have to listen to Miss Reika! Dream’s orders. The orders of our Creator!

(Kakuya digs in her pocket and pulls out a cig, lights it with a small katon and smokes it.)

Kakuya: Let’s go sis, this chick on her high horse is getting me riled up.

(They both leave.)

Reika: Hilarious that one… I wonder how long it’ll take Mikoto to arrive with his men. He sat out for the Bird Country right after Sasuke’s team arrived here for medical attention.

(Scene switches over to Sunagakure. The Konoha troops are walking around town, soon the scene switches over to the Hokage’s location as he’s sweating harshly. The Hokage is somewhere in the city sitting down and collecting his thoughts.)

The Hokage: Crap, I hope they can plan away to defeat that trap. The dispersed shadow clone met its end to a gargoyle, that much of information has been transferred over. What kind of jutsu is that?

(The Scene switches over to Raikage’s office, the Swift Team is ready for deployment.)

Raikage: See, from my sources, which is Tori, that’s the only way to bypass the security trick and use the communications towers to arrive to the SNA’s true headquarters. I need you three to inform the allied hidden villages of this information. I expect Konoha, Suna, and The Rock to be notified of the scroll method and the secret to the SNA’s base in exactly 24 hours. DISPERSE!

(They vanish in clouds of smoke as the scene switches to the location of six shadow clones, Zig, and Max’s whereabouts. They are sweating as they face up against the gargoyles in front of the SNA’s communication tower.)

Next Time: Recon
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