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Man cries during mugshot

If u cant handle getting caught dunt break the law in the first

This is 21-year-old Sean Sexton of Phoenix, Arizona. Sean is "crying for mommy" with his eyes in this mug shot, because he just got arrested for acting the fool outside of a check cashing place. The police were called after Sean starting shooting out the store's windows with an Airshot rifle, causing nearly $15,000 worth of damages.(go to link to see pictures)

Okay, I know how the hos at the check cashing place make you want to shoot a bitch, because of their judgmental eye rolls, but DAMN! It's called "smoke a bowl and bite a dick."

When the police arrived, Ramboohoo tried to be all tough and shit by shooting at them with the Airshot rifle. They realized it was an air rifle, so they didn't shoot back. Sean was arrested and booked on suspicion of aggravated assault and felony criminal damage.

If Sean is weeping like me after finding out Footballers Wives got canceled in his mug shot, can you imagine the kind of emotions that swept through his body when he was thrown in a jail cell with a bunch of chicken-loving criminals?
Hahaha i died when i heard..actually i first saw the video n then i saw this article...

here's the link:

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