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Re: Naruto's Homosexuality

its true peeps. let's just accept it. even if it might not end that way (to redeem kishi's manliness, or at least keep it, vaguely). Kishi's been hinting about it since the beginning.

Naruto's kissed one person in the manga, guess who it was.

The entire naruto story is driven by his "friendship" with sasuke.

Sasuke left konoha to escape from what may happen to him and naruto if they stuck together for too long. the REVENGE plot against his bro WAS A LIE lololol. even his reason for not returning to konoha after itachi's death is largely peculiar. probably, he's just avoiding encounters with naruto.

kishi's probably a closet gay, since he doesn't even f#$^ing know how to develop bad-ass female characters. all his female characters are one-sided weaklings. he could have at least asked opinions from his wife or girlfriend (if he's got one).
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