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Re: Naruto's Homosexuality

Originally Posted by TheSixthHokage View Post
Naruto has been a story of bonds since the beginning, circulating around the lives of Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto. Being a shonen ninja-themed adventure story about the brotherhood between the two, it is inevitable for people to jump to the conclusion that homosexual feelings exist between the two. This is rather intriguing as Naruto has constantly showed signs of attraction in the opposite sex, while being uncomfortable and indeed homophobic towards depictions of the male body. Not many male homosexuals avoid seeing that which they are attracted to. The counterargument that this is Naruto hiding his feeling seem to be very delusional as characters are displayed through entirely visual observation in manga. Naruto’s very reactions show disgust, so how are we the audience supposed to interpret it? When Sasuke hits an opponent with a genjutsu, should I simply assume it was ineffetive, despite visual evidence to the contrary? Commentary means nothing without the support of the manga. A few awkward panels (most of which can only be interpreted as homosexual, when one clearly is guided to it) that were done for humour do not matter.
Why is it interesting that Naruto and Sasuke kiss? The manga, particularly at the beginning, was aimed at teenage boys; what’s more hilarious to them than accidentally kissing another boy and hating it? Goku’s actions were done in the same fashion: for comic relief. The scene in which Sasuke and Naruto’s kiss takes place is quite intense, as Naruto is belittled into a sense of non-existence. The class hates him and loves Sasuke to the point of idoltary, so in a petty means to make himself feel big, Naruto challenged Sasuke by jumping on his desk. He was pushed into Sasuke and then both proceeded to nearly vomit. How this could be interpreted differently is rather interesting. By interesting, I mean faulty as a Soviet nuclear power plant in the Ukraine. Naruto doesn’t accidentally kiss Sakura because it wouldn’t be funny and would be meaningless unless both had the same feeling. This is a sign of a true or even a legitimate romance.
Wait? You’re arguing that Naruto is gay because he likes Sakura because of her physical appearance? Jesus F-ing Christ man. Lamesauce. So a physical attraction can be mimicked for years, so much that he stood up against Gaara for her? Wow, that’s some mighty peer pressure, considering Lee wasn’t met until the Chunin Exams.... must have been hard imitating someone you didn’t know. Er...Naruto thinks “I need to stop making a fool of myself in front of Sakura-chan” and blatantly stops to admire her growth, when has he done that for anyone else?
Naruto ignores Sakura’s confession because of the reasons, shocker!, provided in the chapter. He knows Sasuke is still in Sakua’s heart and she is fooling her self, thus why he becomes visually disappointed from being shocked. He’s a kid on Christmas who just found-out his present was fake. It’s been nearly 3 years of Naruto being sombre in his feelings around Sakura, knowing she loved Sasuke, why would he react incredibly strongly out-of-the-blue? After the death of Jiraiya, the near death of Kakashi and the Pain Arc, I fail to see Naruto being brought to tears about something as little as Sakura lying.
Really? Naruto and Sasuke rarely discussed their emotions. They expressed them in a typical male way: through actions. Just like brothers, they squabble and try to outdo one another, while in the end still loving each other. The panel you provide shows Naruto and Sasuke holding hands. You do realize that that holding hands is not homosexual right? Simply because it is not common in North American and European society does not mean it is homosexual. In Ethiopia, straight men constantly hold hands. It is only homosexual if you deem it so. You have aimed to do so in order to validate your weak argument. When does Naruto give up on his dream of becoming Hokage? He said “a person who cannot save his friend, cannot become Hokage.” In other words, saving Sasuke is the path to becoming Hokage. HUGE difference.
...Beauty and the Beast... seriously? Your historical analysis is rather faulty as in Sparta, a man’s duty was to provide the city-state with off-spring. Casual homosexual sex was not frowned on, until a man refused to have a wife, as was to be expected. This was state-supported bisexuality, not homosexuality. Good try. Wait. Having a coach who gets laid and being in the same pool of water means something is gay? Jumping to conclusions are we...
Naruto blatantly expressed his love for Sakura, constantly and while he has ignored Hinata, he has come closer to real romance with her than Sasuke. He has said to her “I like people like you,” with Kishimoto obviously hinting at more. Never in the manga has there even been a slight hint of homosexuality. You are stretching strong male-male relations to the breaking point. Naruto’s disinterest in Jiraiya’s books is not that shocking... some straight men don’t like strip clubs, does this mean they take it up the ass?
Naruto is constantly complaining about how Jiraiya forces him to go into the Pervy Jutsu, so why would he complain if it was what he wanted. Furthermore, when he desired attention from Jiraiya, as a male mentor, why did he not use it? He wallowed in self-pity, learning the Rasengan alone, without complaining... and guess what? He never used it to re-gain that attention Jiraiya gave him when they first met. Wait... you are arguing that a visual representation of his disgust is contrary to his inner feelings, despite the fact that the mode of media is entirely visual. Holy fuck. This is like me arguing the politics of a composer by listening to his music. Epic fail.
You are assuming that Narutoverse has homosexuals and is not a reflection of Kishimoto’s own cultural lens that is openly homophobic. Japan is a very conservative country and does not embrace homosexuality, thus why it is so often a scape-goat as in other cultures. Thinking that Sasuke feels a similar social pressure is also foolish and Sasuke wants to “re-build his clan,” somewhat difficult when one is homosexual.
Jesus Christ, the graffitti is graffitti. Haku was a very feminine boy, thus why Naruto was attracted to him. Why hasn’t Naruto been attracted to any boys since? Oh yeah. Because he’s straight. Another attempt by Kishimoto to be funny. Actually, his attempts are quite concurrent with being an orphan who desperately needs any attention. That technique was another source of humour, which was used against Gaara only because Naruto assumed “he’d be weaker at the bottom.” Strategy is key.
The last paragraph is such a stretch it’s not even worth my time. Anyone who is defeated is put in a position of less power, they are degraded in the social hierarchy. This can conjur thoughts of sexual hedonism, having that complete control over the other. But the defining factor of homosexuality is actually DOING of the acts... being naked with another man is not homosexual until sexual activity begins.
Furthermore, Sasuke leaning over to Naruto is more like a bow, a respectful admission of Naruto’s equal skills. Their similarities are as brothers, who hate and love each other at the same time.
In conclusion, Naruto is not gay. Arguments for his homosexuality are destroyed by a simple fact. There is not a single panel that shows Naruto being openly gay, participating in homosexual actions or admiring the physicality of other men. However there are entire chapters focusing on Naruto’s romantic relationships with Sakura and Hinata, whom both have feelings for him, in one way or another. His physical attraction to Sakura, open homophobia and classic brotherhood bond with Sasuke needs to be put into context. This is a Japanese manga for young men; conservative Japanese values and male-centred plot are obvious. Misinterpreting a male emphasis in a shonen for homoseuxality is an essentially faulty argument. Indeed, the whole point against Naruto and Sasuke bond as platonic can itself be explained as a very expression of homophobia. The closeness of two men, to a point beyond brothers, shatters the fragile mind of some who cannot accept male relationships that are of such strength. They can only interpret such relationships as sexual because they themselves have only felt such depth of emotion with members of the opposite sex, thus explaining to them why have failed to foster similar bonds.
Know what the difference is between your wall of text & Tzu man's?

He intertwined canon evidence throughout his conjecture & simply stated a point of view/theory. Whereas you don't link any evidence, constantly ridicule those who find validity in the OP's theory and openly dismiss the idea since there has been no blatant panel showing Naruto in act of homosexuality.

Furthermore a tid bit to consider in regards to Kishimoto's cultural lens it should be well noted that he is influenced by the ancient japanese tales in formulating characters/jutsus & in ancient japanese literature, the topic of homosexuality was addressed & when it cames to same sex friends twas common place

edit: did anyone else have trouble typing? cuz i couldn't type in reply boxes til i cleared the cookies

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