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Re: Naruto's Homosexuality

I can't believe i missed this thread...

My regards to the OP for his serious work and for all those who helped proven the fact that naruto is homosexual.

As for all those who believe otherwise i suggest,unless you want to look stupid,to backup your theories with evidence from the manga like OP,which i highly doubt that you will find one,and try to read carefully and respect others theories as much as you want them to do to yours.

In my personal opinion i think that naruto's homosexuality had been proven clearly without leaving a void for anyone to prove otherwise,unless the writer decide to make a twist like he always do and turn things the other way around i suggest for this thread to be closed and remain sticky beacuse it will be ruined from all the useless posts.

It's official now..
Naruto is gay..
Live with it..
And have a nice day.
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