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Re: Naruto's Homosexuality

Originally Posted by playafosho99 View Post
Know what the difference is between your wall of text & Tzu man's?

He intertwined canon evidence throughout his conjecture & simply stated a point of view/theory. Whereas you don't link any evidence, constantly ridicule those who find validity in the OP's theory and openly dismiss the idea since there has been no blatant panel showing Naruto in act of homosexuality.

Furthermore a tid bit to consider in regards to Kishimoto's cultural lens it should be well noted that he is influenced by the ancient japanese tales in formulating characters/jutsus & in ancient japanese literature, the topic of homosexuality was addressed & when it cames to same sex friends twas common place

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He does not have any evidence.. he makes such "compelling" points as Naruto graffitting the Hokage monument as bukkake. Wow, what a genius. Furthermore, he used inaccurate historical comparisons such as Sparta, where only bisexuality was encouraged. Homosexuals were not even human.

I first off, wrote that in 3 minutes. Secondly, if you need me to cite evidence of Naruto's heterosexuality, I suggest you start learning how to read. This requires no evidence-providing because it is canon. Of course I am dismissing his theory: there's actually no evidence. Homosexuality needs proof: Naruto admiring another man, him having a crush on someone (instead of Sakura...), etc etc.

Kishimoto's cultural lens, as I explained, is pretty consistent to the typical Japanese male. He rarely, if ever, has female characters of importance and conveniently leaves out any cases of homosexuality. Like every other Japanese manga I can think of....

Like someone else before said, you are overcomplicating a simple understanding. This is a form of literature for Japan's young teenage boys. 'Nuff said. Just another convenient venue for people to express their hatred of Naruto.

Again, providing biased commentary to neutral panels is NOT evidence. If this was a court, you would have been reprimanded for even trying to say that proves anything. Symbolism has its place but when there's no actual depictions of heterosexuality, it's a theory at best. A lofty one. The audience, the genre and so forth all show the obvious (as well as you know... the panels): Naruto's heterosexual. Like every other action star I can think of.

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