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Re: guy loves puppies

Originally Posted by Miburo View Post
Seems like the dog lived and can lap and feed or some shit, which I hope means it can walk and eat. Nice.

And the guy who did it was the town douchebag or some shit, and got arrested. And will probably get fined and imprisoned? Damn. I figured in savage non-english-speaking land they would chop off your hands or burn you at the stake or some shit. Oh well. = /
Will if you are talking about punishment in islam,am pretty sure that it's forbidden to burn a living thing as an act of punishment..
However,I also know that islam call those kind of douchbags as "Land ruiner" Which include ppl who ruin other properties,torture,rape...etc and there punishment determined by how sever the damage they did so it could start from being whipped 70 times on there backs and ending with cutting off there arms and legs from opposite directions (Right arm,Left leg) so they can cast no more harm at others,But No non-english-speaker land do this kind of punishments anymore except for KSA and another few countries.

Originally Posted by The Madness View Post
Proper punishment would have been for him to dress like a dog, and have someone throw him off the bridge. Onto armed bear-traps.

I don't know man,it will seem much lulzy to me if i saw it happen by "armed penguins" instead.

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