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Oooh boy. One simple topic turned into WWIII. Anyways, I don't really care if Naruto's gay or not. Plus the topic isn't trying to prove facts, it's trying to prove the possibility of Naruto's sexuality. The only person who can say that Naruto is indeed gay is Kishi himself.

I've been here for a while and I can clearly see that most of you get your kicks by insulting everyone that posts a valid argument just to get some "thank you's" and reps. If you don't agree with it just say so and have the proof to back up your opinion. You don't have to throw insults at them thinking that they'll cry or throw a fit at the other end. That's just plain childishness. Naruto is a story, plain and simple. Forums are made to post your opinions of the Naruto storyline, not go "THIS POST FAILS! YOU ARE NOOB!" like some 4 year old who can only write in caps.

Anyways I'm not going to get into more of this cuz I'm sure there's gonna be some kind of "GTFO U NOOB" insult thrown at me afterwards. As for the topic at hand, I do think that Naruto is more into Sasuke than Sakura but in a more brotherly aspect than a sexual one. He feels that it's his responsibility to save him because of the close bond that they've shared and that he considers Sasuke to be a brother. Naruto is trying to understand what Sasuke's going through but as he is slipping further and further into darkness, Naruto now feels a bit discouraged that he may not be able to bring Sasuke back. And that's why Naruto is suffering more than anyone else.
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