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Re: Naruto's Homosexuality

Originally Posted by Kinako View Post
No dumbass. "Mibs" was only quoting the smaller posts and not my main one.
But since you chose to attempt to read my post.... First of all, not all orphans turn out to be homos. The point I was saying in that section was that he felt like he was a COMRADE(Team 7)/Rival(Suckra did like Sasuke and not Naruto)/Bro(Since in the beginning Sasuke did risk his life for Naruto). You make it seem like Naruto got driven to like dudes because he was alone. Second, You need to read the WHOLE issue (229 for those who do not know) to understand that Naruto was talking about the brotherly bond he developed with Sasuke AS WELL as the fatherly bond with Iruka. But it's funny you cut off the quote mid-sentence when I mentioned Iruka and the fact that the whole issue was about bonds. Hence the issue's title "BONDS". But you are defending a dude who also tried to use Naruto farting in Kiba's face (not on purpose) in as well. But since you actually ATTEMPTED to read my post from Page 4 (unlike others who tried to shoot me down) I can give you props on your opinion (Because this is a free country). But since you are convinced to the core that is all factual evidence, I guess I could piss on your head and tell you it is raining too (and you would believe it). Hey to each his own opinion. You can't change mine, Ero-Sage's or TSH's, and I can't change yours or your group's belief about it. But I will say this though. Oh yeah.... Milburo (However you spell that shit)When I seen this thread, I did keep an open mind as far as the possibility but with his "evidence" presented, I remain adamant about Naruto being about the LAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDDDDIIIIIIEEEEEESSSSSSS SSS!!!!!!!!!!! But I bet Tzu Men can piss on your heads and tell you its raining obviously.
Originally Posted by Darth-Nero View Post
Alright..who the hell are you talking to?

you quote jax and then comment on my post?

Learn how to post 1st and then we can have a civilized conversation.

Naruto is gay.
I tried to multi-quote and it fucked up (My bad cause I haven't multi quoted before). But I did try to include your post as well. But READ my post and you will see where I am coming from. But since you did not bother to read it I will summarize this. You and certain others feel that he is gay and are adamant about that because of things in the manga that you feel are facts. Just like myself and others do not believe those facts and feel that he is not gay. I'm not going to budge just like you are not going to budge from your belief. Leave it at that. And I still think Tzu Men can piss on your head and tell you it is raining. And I am talking to you, Darth-Nero so you are not confused this time.

But like you said unless Kishi proves otherwise..... Naruto is straight. End of Story.


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