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Re: Naruto's Homosexuality

It's called deductive reasoning, my friends... So let's start off with some different points to make a sound, valid argument for Naruto's faggotry.

1) Naruto is obsessed with Sasuke.
*****We see evidence for this in how often he speaks of him, how he talks about him in such high regard, how he has never stopped think about him during 3+ years of training, how he hurts himself (and allows others to hurt him) repeatedly in a quest to reach Sasuke, and how he even spurns the advances of a girl that he "loves" because of Sasuke.
2) Naruto has never had any real romantic experience with women ever. Although he claims to love Sakura, he has never made any REAL attempt on her.
*****Please note what happens when the women in the series claim to love him. He either forgets about it entirely or spurns them.
3) Naruto has lived alone with Jiraya, a self-titled super-pervert for about 3 years. As seen in the anime (fuck the episode number, you're gunna have to trust me), he often gets into various states of undress with Jiraya.
4) Naruto was raised without parents and frequently "acts out" in loud, annoying ways in order to prove himself to his countrymen.
*****According to the APA, having parents is exceptionally important in any child's / adolescent's life. Not having anyone there for him to relate to obviously left Naruto confused and curious about a lot of things. One such possibility is his sexual orientation.
5) Naruto is filled with penis and butt jokes.
****Seriously, he gets poked in the ass by Kakashi, he uses that attack as well, he frequently has poop jokes and the like. I know this is a less "intelligent" point but it is still a valid one.

Not good enough? Well for those of you who point out that Naruto was "disgusted" with several gay joke / references throughout the series, I'd also like to point out the possibility of him just reacting that way because he was lying. Or hell, he might still just be a little bicurious and not realized that he is gay yet. (I know, argument from example but... A friend of mine recently came out and he did nothing but give my other gay friends shit. "So queer." "Disgusting." Etc. Funny how that stuff works, hm?)
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