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Re: Naruto's Homosexuality

Originally Posted by poolangya View Post
doesn't ultimately label a man "homo". naruto is 16 or 17 as of current. and western culture is more conservative that western culture, well not exactly japanese culture. i first got laid when i was 20, does that make 19 years of my life gay? i don't think so.
Not having any romantic or sexual relationships with girls doesn't automatically make you straight either. The point is that his sexual orientation hasn't been clearly determined yet. And there is evidence in the manga that could point to the possibility that Naruto may be a homosexual (Since, like has been established, his sexual orientation hasn't been clearly demonstrated yet. Hence the possibility.).

No one is saying "lol he hasn't banged any chicks yet, therefore gay!"
the kiss was an accident. he was never seen attempting to do it again on purpose, leaving the proof as just an assumption that he turned homo after the incident, and not proof for his homosexuality.
Again, the point isn't to "prove" he is gay. Just to show the possibility. He kissed a dude, accidentally or not, and is now obsessed with him. It's also a fact that the only person he kissed has been a guy.
those transformations are results probably results of being with perv teachers. naruto has high goals, to be hokage. and to do that he must surpass his teachs. he was young, and the only thing that would have come to his mind is to drill on the weakness. he probably sees the perversion of Kakashi, Jiraiya, Ebisu and 3rd hokage their biggest weakness. btw, he made sandaime bleed because of that. but surely, what he did is still not actual proof of his homosexuality. he wants to be acknowledged by other men, not admired in a m2m way.
Look at it this way: Let's say you want to accomplish some goal. Let's say the goal is to steal a key from a guard. There are many ways of going about doing this. You can beat him up. Wait till he's sleeping and steal it. Pick his pocket. Etc. You choose to dress up like a woman and attempt to distract him by being as sexually appealing to him as possible, so you then can steal the key while he's not paying attention.

Out of all those possible options, you choose a pretty gay one. Wouldn't you agree? Of course that doesn't make you 100% definitely gay, but if your sexual orientation wasn't clear and I had to wager a guess...Yeah.

That's pretty much what Naruto does. Out of all the different ninja techniques possible, he chooses one that is designed to sexually arouse other men. Again, it's not 100% proof. But it's something to seriously consider.

Also, it should be noted that your argument here is exactly what we're doing with our arguments. However, the people saying we're wrong would criticize us and call it "JUS UR OPINONION NOT FAKTZ" Props to you for actually attempting to be reasonable instead of completely irrational and blinded by bias like the majority of the trolls 'arguing' against us.

Quote: would you accept a woman you knew was only lying to you. if being manly means that you accept that fail attempt at a confession in order to just make out and have sex with the woman, then naruto would be fucking gay. but this is a kid's manga. Naruto is looking for people to acknowledge him, and not give him fake smiles.
Sakura clearly cares about Naruto. She wasn't lying about that. If she cared more about Sasuke then she wouldn't try to have Naruto give up on him, after all. Whether she was truthful with everything she said or not, it's still blatantly obvious that she genuinely has feelings for Naruto.

He disregards that and is only concerned about Sasuke.

spurned.. hinata? he still hasn't spurned hinata. ignored maybe but spurned? ignoring a girl who confessed to you on the verge of life and death is not a clear indication of being a homo. not taking advantage of a woman's weakness during her confession does not make one a homo immediately.
And it, again, doesn't make him not a homo either.

chasing the boy who he accidentally kisses at the start of the manga does not lead to a definite conclusion that naruto is a homo. too lazy to provide manga panels but naruto has said for n times already that he cannot be hokage if he cannot even save a friend. a boy being attached to another boy doesnt mean you're both homo. i bet your closest buddy is a male also, and surely there was one time that even curfews can't separate you. but that does not make you both homos. there is attachment surely, a special brotherly attachment for naruto to sasuke imho, but give it malice and you conclude that theyre gay.
Add everything together, and it certainly isn't stupid in any way to theorize that Naruto may be gay. Like what has been said over and over, this is just a theory based on events in the manga. We're not claiming he's definitely absolutely gay with no possibility of being hetero ever! Or anything like that. Just that it's definitely possible based on the events so far. And it is.

tl;dr naruto being gay is possible.
Exactly. Thanks for agreeing with us.
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