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Re: Naruto's Homosexuality

Originally Posted by Tzu Men View Post
Kinako I’m not going through all of your posts as well because they’re even more misunderstood about how analysis actually works. Also, MS Word really isn’t that hard to use.

You're underthinking and simplifying, what happened to intellectual discussion?

Hey “bra,” yes I did have time to spit up a discussion here, much like everyone else who bothers to speak on the internet.

...cock! amirite?

R u sure ur not homophobic or uncomfortable with fictional gay characters?

Also yes I did dissect it to a small level, that's not a bad thing - far better than looking at a subject in a general overview with no depth of thought or consideration.

Also, I'm sure you were a heterosexual child - why do you feel that you need to reinforce this?

That's all I'm replying to just yet, quite a lot to go through.
Its a fucking comicbook involving Japanese Lore and Imagination. Directed towards Kids and Adults who still have some imagination. Why does it have to be a War of words? It only makes sense if u want it to, And if it doesnt U will come up with ur own opinion which makes sense to U but not everyone else. So come to terms with the fact that were all Human and we all have the right to voice opinion and or fact in our own way.
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