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Re: Naruto's Homosexuality

yeah i pretty much saw no one trying to "gang up on you" or E-thuggin" I just saw them trying to make you understand that there is a possibility of you know OP theory to happen. Becuase they're also defending their opinion just like you are. Besides if im not mistaken you were the one that started insulting the "Surf's up crew"

Originally Posted by Kinako View Post
Man C'Mon Son!!! GTFOH with that bullshit!!! The only reason you aint read that shit is because it makes what you and your buddies(Yeeah I know all of you that believe this dumb shit all just happen to be friends) say about Naruto sound stupid as fuck. Admit it. Actually read my post AND The Sixth Hokage's post and come up with something better than circumstantial evidence and personal opinion. Dont get me wrong I thought Tzu Men was joking at first but when I seen he actually was trying to bring out "proof" I had to write that lengthy ass shit with all his "evidence" included showing that really all he was saying is his own personal opinion and not canon evidence. And since I didnt know what the fuck tl dr meant at first...

tl dr: If believe this dumbass shit without looking at both sides you ARE AN EPIC FAIL.
tl dr: STUPID
just because one of they guys zerosystem said

Originally Posted by zer0systm View Post
Went through this thread, alot of this shit doesn't have a tl;dr version so in my opinion it is instantly null and void...
I only read the awesome posts, i've marked them in red...

eitherway sasuke is a pooper trooper and naruto is his anal lab rat...
so yes i didnt missed anything and i was right....
GTFO attention whore
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