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Ukraine Mystery illness

First back in aug of this a year (2009) Professor Joseph Moshe called into a show saying he had evidence that baxter corp was working on a virus that is linked with the H1N1 vaccine and it was designed to kill millions of people and would start in the ukraine. Not long after that call Moshe was arrested not by a normal police but by a swat team armed with very high tech military grade equipment. The video of his arrest in LA can be found in the following link. Joseph Moshe Arrest video.

Fast forward a couple months later to present day and all over the internet you find rumors of a mystery illness rampaging through the ukraine you can find the link to one of the many stories on the internet here. This has led many people across the internet wondering why the media of the major countries around the world haven't even so much as mentioned the mystery illness striking the ukraine. WHO is claiming its the H1N1 but the doctors in the ukraine that have tended to these people say the patients have lungs as black as charcoal very much like the pneumonia plague but it seems to spread like the flu. Then just a few days ago prison planet (IBNO) reported about Illinois police holding pneumonia plague outbreak drills, the link to that article can be found here. Prison Planet. Running drills for a outbreak of pneumonia plague at this time seem very strange to say the least seeing how the last major outbreak of pneumonia plague was many decades ago. Its sorta like running drills for a polio outbreak. Funny thing is none of the media outlets even mentioned the drills ether.

I just dont understand how the media can flat out ignore something like this unless they are working with the powers that be to make sure the masses don't find out about this new virus until just the right time. I find it very interesting that the prof that got arrested a couple months ago was exactly right about the ukraine being the starting point for this new virus even though we still dont know exactly how the H1N1 vaccine is linked into it.

Anyway vote in the poll and comment on why you voted like you did and what you think is really going on.
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