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Re: Ukraine Mystery illness

Originally Posted by Jaxon View Post
Interesting, but I'm incredibly skeptical, as always, about conspiracy theories on the Internet.

Well its not really a conspiracy theory because the mystery illness spreading in the ukraine is real as was the arrest of the Prof in LA. The only place it gets a dodgy is when it comes to why the media is not reporting on the illness at all and why the government used such over whelming force to arrest a lil old man. It just seems really odd that all of the media is flat out ignoring whats happening in the ukraine when it has the potential to be such a huge outbreak of a extremely deadly new virus. Think about it, this virus spreads as easy as the flu but is as deadly pneumonia plague. I know if I was a news org I would be all over this story because the only way to stop the spread of virus's like this is to make people aware of them. It just doesnt make any sense for the media to ignore this story like they are doing.

Also back when the prof was arrested I passed him off as just some guy that lost his marbles but the outbreak in the ukraine of a deadly new virus just like he said made the hairs on my neck stand on end because it happened exactly how he said it would. Makes you wonder if he got a hold of the plans somehow and couldnt stomach letting millions of people die and decided to release what he knew to the public. This guy wasn't just some Joe blow off the street he was a highly credited scientist that worked with things like this and his word means alot to many in the scientific community.

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