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Re: Naruto's Homosexuality

Sure it doesn't matter if Naruto is gay Miburo to some of us (over 18 dudes) but imagine what would the 99% of the manga readers (with ages from 10 to 17) feel if Naruto suddenly becomes gay? Most of the readers consider Naruto a role model. That's just like all the parents in the world telling their children that it's okay to be gay! Even if it is true you wouldn't want your kid to be gay and you wouldn't tell him that. I just don't see Naruto a gay person. No matter what hints you see in the manga it just won't happen.
I'm even willing to bet! lol (although there's nothing we can bet on)

Oh and Jaxon
You've not proved anything. If that little "heart" on a page is truly representative of his sexual feelings, which is pretty shaky as it is, at the most it makes Naruto bisexual.
I like girls too, does that make me bysexual? I'm pretty sure most of the guys on this forum like girls, does that make them bysexual?
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