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Re: Naruto's Homosexuality

Originally Posted by rokudaime_hokage View Post
yeah i pretty much saw no one trying to "gang up on you" or E-thuggin" I just saw them trying to make you understand that there is a possibility of you know OP theory to happen. Becuase they're also defending their opinion just like you are. Besides if im not mistaken you were the one that started insulting the "Surf's up crew"

just because one of they guys zerosystem said

so yes i didnt missed anything and i was right....
GTFO attention whore
The only reason I said what I said was because you said this. Plus I wasnt the only poster that was jumped on by those who simply didnt agree with my point of view. So I dont know why all of you think it's just me. Ban Me??? For what?!?!?!? You were the ones directly started talking shit to me. I'm really trying not flame or any of that, but the fact you are trying to insult me for my opinion is plain fucking stupid. But dont get me wrong, I wasnt saying there was something wrong IF he was gay(because I am not homophobic and am comfortable being straight), and when I first seen the thread I WAS willing to accept the possibility (I am not that irrational). But with his "proof", I dont believe it. I simply examined his evidence (something like a cross examination in a courtroom) and challenged the evidence. NONE of you examined my belief and resorted to calling me "preschooler" and other dumb ass shit of that nature instead of defending your precious evidence. I already stated WHY I DONT believe it plenty of times. Obivously you lack the comprehension skills to understand the words that are coming out of my mouth or others that feel the same as I do. I dont believe that bullshit and leave it at that.

PS...Attention whore???? The closet homo (step out of the closet) who made this was an attention whore. He knew there was going to be people like me who won't believe that bullshit. You all are talking shit thinking you are going to change my opinion by doing so. Fuck that.


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