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Re: Naruto's Homosexuality

Originally Posted by Kinako View Post
Fuck you.
Quit swinging from their ball hairs and shut the fuck up. I pretty much accepted the fact that they feel that he is gay. I dont care about that now but respect MY opinion and stop talking shit. PUSSY
I think that if you make your font bigger you might be able to get your point across better. That's my theory at least.

Originally Posted by TheSixthHokage View Post
I doubt this. Homosexuality is only becoming tolerated because of social activism, almost entirely in the West and a strong belief in the liberal principles of freedom and individuality. Countries unaffected by the American and French revolutions have gigantic social gaps to overcome before they are anywhere near were the West is. Even in our countries we still have Christian groups against it, but even these groups are not as radical as in other areas (e.g. the Middle East).
I will agree with Miburo in that currently there has been an large number of gay political speakers and gay activists taking the media by storm vigorously pushing for causes which would have otherwise have been impossible 10 years ago such as registering for the milliary, marriage, ect... This has been the first time since I've heard so much political movements within the gay community which quite frankly I'm not suprised. I really do believe that we might see our first openly gay president the way things are going. I wouldn't see how making Naruto gay would hurt Kishi, his main objective in this series to to fully expose human nature in the forms of bonds, trust, love, rivalry, hate, and peace. Making Naruto gay would actually make more sense since gay people acknowledge what it means to truly love someone even if they are of the same gender making them have a better understanding on how human nature works better than most. It all boils down how Kishi handles his characters if he is able to successfully highlight that message.
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