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Re: Naruto's Homosexuality

If u are naturally gay, then thats ok. If u willingly become gay by curiosity or drugs, or whatever, heterosexual relationships not working out, then that's not ok. It's not "natural". By naturally i mean, emotionally, mentally, and physically becoming sexually attracted to the same sex at a young, puberty, age like most become attracted to the opposite sex. If it's a natural consensual bond and doesnt harm anyone else, is should be accepted, but otherwise, willingly openly crossing over can make the younger, pre sexually active children think it's ok to ignorantly experiment like this, which can cause a lot of sexual confusion and damaged, future relationships and mental issues/confusion, suppression in the future once your natural sexual preference presents itself, or doesnt, or is confused itself at puberty. By "right of life", i think ones own sexual preference, be it natural or chosen, is his and hers own choice. I just personally dont like or respect the chosen homosexuality and definitely wouldnt want Naruto to be completely ruined by something like that. He and Sasuke cannot past their genes and start adopting orphaned kids, or turkey basting Hinata and Sakura and stupid unnecessary shit like that. All the good genes, strongest, "destined" of the sperm, and the manly man attitude and strength leaves Konoha in the majority. Most the men dont wanna get their pretty face hurt or scratched so they dont even become shinobi. The women are just as strong as the men since most of them are naturally Butch now and built up tension, stamina and strength from lack of real meat. Now everybody only masters in genjutsu for offense, and Cat's Paw for defense since now it's natural for most men to slap and scratch u with an open hand. Next thing u know, the generally more peaceful ways of the gay Konoha community turns out the whole Naruto World, and there is finally "peace" among ninjas. Just not in the all out battles like Naruto and Sasuke would have lived had they not given each other the broke back, sore throat, loose butt, funny walk before going to battle and being captured and, or killed.

Naruto always had a crush on Sakura, and hated everybody else. Naturally attracted to girls. Sasuke risked his life for Naruto, becoming his 1st and lifelong, best friend by default. If my rival, new teammate risked his life for me and i had no friends and nobody that loved me, i would cherish him till the day he died, no home B, even if he turned against me one day for "understandable mental and vengeful reasons".

I did not start watching a black and white, backwards reading "manga" about a young, strong ninja boy, then watch him mature as a strong ninja teenager, just to find out he likes it in his butt and by his best friend, unlike the majority if the world which I think Kishi would consider more. That sounds sooo gay. Naruto personally has never shown any sexual desires or thoughts for any boy, only dislike for anything like that. Gay people, u will have your day where Somebody makes a great manga about a gay character, but Naruto is not the one. What u think u detect from Kishi's art is called a cock tease. Just something to bring false hope like Sakura and Naruto
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