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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Land of Tea.

Jisho and Misa arrive at Tea Harbor.

“Welcome to the Land of Tea. Beautiful scenery, beautiful women as most importantly, it’s practically a sin country.” Says Jisho. “Sin country?” ask Misa. “Yeah the daimyo got a bright yet stupid idea for getting tourist and all. So he decide to open lots and lots of casinos, nightclubs, pubs, hotels, convention centres, bath houses. Any that is lewd and can bring money.” Explain Jisho.


“But the downside is they bring so many crimes and even their guards isn’t enough. So they decide to create a bounty system. And the good thing about bounty hunters is they are really good in finding information. There was a saying if you sneeze, the bounty hunters will hunt you and they will bring a handkerchief too.” Says Jisho.

“Bounty hunters? Who are they?” ask Misa. “Former guards, ninjas, samurais, thief. Anything. Even a farmer can be a hunter too. Just fill the form and you are a hunter.” Says Jisho. They left the harbor and arrive at an area fill with bars and pubs. Jisho enter one of the bars. Misa looks inside and saw the bar is full of nasty looking people who pay no attention to them. Some are gambling while some is flirting with waiters. Jisho sit in front of the bartender. “What can I get you?” ask the bartender. “Milk.” Answer Jisho. The bartender and some customers looks at the pair. “We don’t serve milk here.” Says the bartender. “ I want warm milk.” Says Jisho. The bartender signals a man that guards the back door and he step away from the door. “Milk is downstairs.” Says the bartender. Jisho stands up and enter the backroom where a stair lead him and Misa to the basement of the bar. Jisho opens the basement door, and countless men with weapon are hanging around. Some are gambling, drinking, flirting with the waitress and even sleeping. When Jisho step in all of them look at Jisho.

“What?” ask Jisho. “Been sometime seen you’ve been here. Figures since the ninja world is fuck up, again.” Says a man who is gambling with the waitress. “Told you before, that Reika is bad news.” Yell another hunter and he pat Misa’s behind and she screams. “This place smells the stench of desperate living!!!” yelled Misa. “Bear with it.” Says Jisho and he walk to the bar. “I need info. What do you have?” ask Jisho. “What do you want?” ask the bartender. “Shisio’s location.” Says Jisho. “Five hundred ryo. Members price.” Says the bartender. Jisho pullout his wallet and gave him the 500 ryo. “Rain Country with Sasuke, the Marine Squad and Reika.” “Reika?” ask Jisho. “Yeah. There are rumors going around here that she kills Kyo and assume his identity.” Says the bartender. Jisho looks down and Misa looks at the bartender. “Why is Shisio work with Reika?” ask Misa. “No. He work with Sasuke, but Sasuke wants to work with Reika. Its seems the Hokage and Kazekage forces are gathering at Suna. Maybe that’s why.” Says the bartender. “Let’s go to Suna.” Says Misa.

At the communication tower

“Clones, how much chakra do you guys have?” ask Zig. “Not much.” Says one of the clone and he slams a rasengan at a gargoyle, shattering it to pieces and the clone then disperse as well. “One hit only.” Says Zig and he looks at the two giant statue where the five clones are fighting. “Since we don’t have much chakra we must make each hit count.” Says the first clone. “Attack their legs!!!” says the second clone. “Two huge one and five gargoyle left. We can get through this.” Says Zig and he throw three kunai with explosive tag at a gargoyle and it explodes, shattering the beast. “Four left.”

At Rain Village.

Reika is meditating in a room and she transform into her sage mode. Using this mode, she is feeling everyone’s chakra, looking for a specific one. And finally she feels it.


Tetsuo opens his eyes and sees a holographic image of Reika stands before him. “Impressive.” Says Tetsuo. “I come with a proposal.” Says Reika. Tetsuo looks at her with suspicion. “You are a smart guy. You know the Hokage is targeting you and not me, for now.” Says Reika.

“And?” ask Tetsuo.

“Since we have a common enemy, I proposed an alliance.” Says Reika. “And stab us in the back again? I don’t think so.” Says Tetsuo. “And you will face the alliance alone? Kai have bijuus with him.” Says Reika. “He’s your son.” Says Tetsuo. “The day he betray me, he no longer my flesh.” Says Reika. Tetsuo closes his eyes. “If willing to disown your own blood like that, what are our chances? No.” says Tetsuo. “Well at least, work with me, and you will ally with an evil you already know. At least you know how I work.” Says Reika.


“What say you, partner?” ask Reika.
“Give me time.” Says Tetsuo and Reika’s holographic image disappear and she’s awaken from her meditating. She opens her eyes sees Orca standing at the edge of the room. “Do you think this will work. They are your enemies.” Ask Orca. “Never sees an enemy simply an enemy. See them as allies that can be used.” Says Reika.


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