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Re: Just a Thought THREAD

naruto is not dumb. he is just too obsessed with finding sasuke that everytime he has spare time, during arc intervals, and even before sleep, all he can think of is where sasuke is. i hope kishi will somehow find it in himself to inject parts where naruto actually thinks of his parents. he now knows who his father is. he has to wonder who his mother is also. too much bonds this bonds that when he doesn't even have interest how he came into naruverse in the first place.

dominance is a better idea for me. but not dominance in a sense that naruto would have another powerup hax that even the 9 tails would fear. if kyuubi is pure evil, naruto would want rid of it. it caused him so much pain, and there will come a time that the power he depended on ( kyubi) would no longer be needed. he would find a way to release the seal, fully releasing the kyubi such that naruto wouldnt be overcome and/or die. threatening the kyubi that he will release him, and destroy him, thus making the kyubi so very afraid to come out of naruto, even pleading to naruto,promising to become a good pet.
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