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Re: I promised you lulz.

Damn..i didn't notice this thread before..

This maybe the only thread that i have read entirely..
Epic win for jaxon..

As for FG,My 1st impression about him was that he's a good guy like the rest...and i don't think that this is going to change because of what i just read..

My knowledge about fags is that they will cower away in defeat if they were in the guy's position but what he did is the opposite,He stood up for him self and kept going without giving a shit about what ppl think of him (which what i respect),And frankly i don't think that ppl care about what others shove up there asses,They only care about lulz.

My only explanation about the matter is that he was a young horny pervert who couldn't get laid at the time so he gave it his best to satisfy himself by any means necessary even if he had to invent a device to achieve his goal like what he made out of a ps2 controller (yeah that's some serious shit).

Anyway you guys are epic,and i hope to find moar of your awesome shit.
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