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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

Seriously, I read "I want real-life zombie apocalypse." And I was fucking hooked.

Jesus Christ super-fucking star that would be so kick ass. I'd fair so fucking well in a ZA.

Dawn of the Dead (2004) zombies are the only real zombies. They run..which is pretty fucking important.

Z-Day Plan: Install the plow to the front of my pick-up and drive to the nearest Wal-Mart.

Loot the fuck out of all their food/radios/first aid. Kill anything that gets in my way, human or zombie. Gather people who look strong and able to fight. Promise them a swift death if they are bitten or cross me. Once I have enough supplies from Wal-Mart head to my house to unload everything. Go back out and decimate tons of undead with my plow. My town's population is like 2000 people, so I could easily kill the 500 or so infected that are there within the first day. Stay alive for a long ass time.

Once the people I care about are dead, since it will probably happen =/, turn into a drifter badass and go across the country/world if i make it that far. Decimating zombies and gathering party members.

It would be pretty fun.

Or, if for some reason I don't need to protect my family...i.e. already zombified then I would go on the road immediately. To rescue as many of you green-eyed rookies as I could. Then work our way to Alaska, or Northern Canada and use my uber woods-man skills to show you bitches how it's done.

Basically, either way I want to end up on the move rescuing people since I'm such a fucking hero. I'd totally sail or fly my way across the pond to fuck up some English Zombies.

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