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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

I saved some money in what i named "Emergency fund" which i can spend in whatever natural disaster that cast chaos upon ma country. In case of zombie apocalypse i'll 1st get my supplies which are:

1- I'll get a rifle to enjoy shooting the bastards from my high tower appartment which will be this one since i can't find my faved magnum sniper rifle in stock any were.

2- I'll get the FN HERSTAL - Semi-Auto for the road with extra ammunition.

3- I'll get douple DESERT motherfucking EAGLE for the road with extra ammunition.

4- get extra extra ammunition and Hicap magazines for all the above so i save reloading time when necessary.

5- Get enough food supplies and other necessary equipments to survive this shit.

I live in the last floor that no ones share with me since the next apartment's owner doesn't live in it he just own i already installed a heavy metal gate on the floor entrance to isolate it from the rest of the building incase of tard neighbors got zombiefied.
Now all i have to do is set back on my roof and enjoy shooting those zombies with MY RIFLE and spend the after noon on the interwibz (which will still be working probably) and search for some safe zone or shit and watch porn.

Once i find one,Ill back my shit up and go down shooting any mother fucker in my way and get in to my garage and ride my armored land rover and go straight for the safe zone while saving any chicks i find in my way,Chicks only cuz they will be happy with my manly presence and wont try to stab me in the back and steal my shit like what some fags do in disasters.

Of course once i get to the safe zone ill join the defense forces cuz ill never have enough of action.
And of course ill have some fun with the chicks i saved if we haven't had some in the road already.

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