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Re: The Meaning of Proof

@Gamabunta: Yes you are right Kyuubi is a valid witness to prove that tobi is madara because he knew the madara that fought with the 1st he can also sense chakra and tell who said chakra belongs to. So he would be able to recognize madara even if madara's appearance drastically changed using his chakra sensing ability. So if you dont mind find somewhere in the manga where kyuubi says tobi=madara. This should be possible because if I recall naruto has ran into tobi quite a few times already.

@aeondrift: If that is true then lets hear some proof that tobi=madara.

@UTC: Just to name a few of the people whos identity can be proven with these guidelines Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi. The list is much bigger but i wont type them out cuz i think u get the point. These guidelines are by no means unfair because the name madara carries alot of weight in the narutoverse and we need to make sure we are not basing our beliefs that tobi=madara on anything that tobi could have influenced because of the power the name madara carries in the world it would be in tobi's best interest to call himself madara so his words can not be trusted. I explain the reasons for the guidelines in the original post if u read them and think about them you understand they are very logical.

@Gakure Yes thats true but all of us theorize on these boards because it helps pass the time and its fun.

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