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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

Originally Posted by Tabris View Post
@darth: your plan is much more detailed... but i admit TLR all of it.

Will zombie apocalypse is some serious shit,You can't leave anything for chances if you wanna live to enjoy it.

Surf's up..

Originally Posted by Tabris View Post
if i had to kill zombies i'd like something traditional, a shot gun... an axe... a chainsaw (if i could lift it...) but mostly i just want to drive madness' truck and splatter them; I'm an old fashioned kind of girl

not enough splattering in DN's plan
I'd rather see you with double pistols and a melee weapon on your back..lets say double kodachi,Also some "equilibrium" martial art style will make you even sexier while owning those zombies.
You gonna need company though.
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