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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

“Lightning!!!!” yelled Shisio and his blade cracks with lightning. Jisho position himself in defensive stance waiting for Shisio to make his move. Both ninja stands at their postion, not moving even an inch, waiting for their opponent to make the first strike. “Shisio, are you doing this for Amy?” ask Jisho. “To tell the truth, I don’t know. I lost my way in this war. All I can feel is anger.” Says Shisio. “Then let me tell you one thing. Hiro never kill Amy. It’s the UHE and Reika.” Says Jisho.


“So?” ask Jisho. “I’ve kill so many ninjas. I doubt Hiro will forgive me. And I always have this gut feeling about Reika killing Amy.” Says Shisio. “What will you do?” ask Jisho. “Kill Reika.” Says Shiso and he rush towards Jisho. Their blade parried as each of them tries to over power their opponent. Jisho use his blinding speed to get behind Shisio, but heswing his blade to parry Jisho’s attack. “Amazing.” Says Jisho. “You improve.” Says Shisio. Jisho step back and both of them run towards each other and the sounds of blade clashing can be heard through out the battle field. Suddenly there’s a bright light and a loud explosion and both swordsman jumps out from the explosion center. Shisio stands and look at Jisho who collapsed to the ground. He walks towards Jisho and look at him. “You gonna kill me?” ask Jisho. “What do you want me to do?” ask Shisio. “Have faith in me and the seven swordsmen again.” Says Jisho.


“And then what?” ask Shisio.


Shisio looks up into the gray sky. “Me? Redemption?” Suddenly the rain pours down at the battlefield, like it washing away all the bad memories. Jisho stands up and looks at his senpai. “What say you?” ask Jisho. “WHAT SAY YOU, SHISIO OF THE DEVIL ARMY!!!” yelled Jisho. Shisio looks at Jisho and punch his face. “Shut up.” Says Shisio. “Let look for the others then.” Says Shisio. Jisho stands up and kick Shisio’s ass. Shiso look at him with a killer eyes.

“You kick my ass!!!!”

“You punch my face!!!!”

“You wanna fight againt me punk!!!!”

“Come on just bring it!!!!!!!”

At the end of the battlefield, Misa and four people with huge swords are looking as Shisio and Jisho is bickering with each other. “So does this he agree?” ask Misa. “Don’t ask me. Both of them are idiots to begin with.” Says a large man carrying the Hiramekarei. The kunoichi who carrys the Rai Roga just shakes her head. “I’m hungry.” Says the fat ninja who carry the Samehada. The Samehada wriggles. “And he’s hungry too.” Another swordsmen, who carry a giant blade that looks like a dragon, just yawn. Misa look at the three of them. “Ok, We have Jisho the white ghost.” And she points to the hungry ninja. “Gage, The Chakra Eater.” Then she points to the Kunoichi. “Miki, The Mist Twin Fang.” And finally points to the large man. “Vato. The Mist Butcher. And you, Eart, the Mist Dragon.” Then Shisio and Jisho jumps and land near them. “Jisho told me of your plan, but we need him to make it successful.” Says Shisio. “Chaos?” ask Misa. Shisio nods.

“Did someone mention my name?”

The group looks into the jungle and a mysterious figure approach and a man with long red hair with a gentleman looks stands before them. He wears normal ninja attire with a red cape covering it. “Old man we need your help.” Says Shisio. “Oldman? Shisio look at him, he’s younger then you.” Says Misa. “Oldman is quite harsh. How about immortal. The last immortal.” Says Chaos. The group looks at him with skeptical eyes. “He is an immortal. All other immortal is dead. Madara, Kakuzu and Hidan. Chaos is the last surviving one.” Explain Shisio. “But how?” ask Miki. Chaos drew out his blade. The hilt is made from bone and the blade is made froom fossilze resin with a back bone in it that attach to the hilt. “My sword is call Fossil. As you know, it can fossilize the enemy. But it also sucks the enemy life span. I kill people, I live longer. But if I was fatally wounded, I can heal myself but it will take one human life span.” Explain Chaos. “And you explain all this to us because?” ask Vato. “Let say a gentleman trust.” Says Chaos.

“Ok. We need to coordinate our plan with the alliance. The closes ally base is Konoha’s. It is three days walk from here.” Says Misa. “Ok. Let’s head there.” Says Shisio. “I’m hungry.” Says Gage. The group runs pass the battlefield to Konoha base.

Two hours later, Nila manage to hold on Kakuya and Kimiko combination attack. She looks at both of her opponent who is tired after battle Nila non stop for two hours. “Damn. She neutralized all of our attack and she still not tired?” ask Kakuya. Kimiko then senses several chakra heading their way. “Sis, eight chakra is heading here at amazing speed.” Yelled Kimiko. Kakuya look at her sister and then look at the horizon. Then the seven swordsmen and Mika appear from the horizon. Kakuya looks at her sister and they fled away from Nila. “Wait!!!!” yelled Nila and then she realize the seven swordsmen surround her. “Poor, girl what happen to you?” ask Misa and she took a blanket and wrapped around her. “Who are you?” ask Nila. “I’m Misa and these guys are the seven swordsmen of the mist.” Says Misa. “Who are you girl?” ask Jisho. “I’m Nila, Uzumaki Nila.” Misa and the seven swordsmen looks at her with disbelief. “You do have the Byakugan. But a strange looking one.” Says Jisho. “Say we are going to the Konoha war camp. Wanna follow?” ask Misa. Nila nods. “Great, why then you don’t ask every orphan we meet to follow us, idiot.” Says Eart. “C’mon, that’s no way to speak with a woman.” Says Chaos.

At Mizugakure.

“Retreat!!!!” yelled Kai and the few remaining alliance ninja escape from the overwhelming force of Bijuus, UHE forces and Mist ninja that guards the meteor.
“Dammit. Four years and countless assault and I still can’t penetrate their defences.” Says Kai and he looks back to the Mizugakure where a tall wall was built around it. And inside the UHE giant golems, UHE ninjas, the bijuus and the mist ninjas protect Asura and the meteor scroll.
“Sir, we must head back to Land of Fire. We suffer too much losses.” Says an alliance ninja. Kai nods with dissapointment.

Three days later at Konoha War Camp.

A scout enters the main camp,

“Sir!!! Out scouts have detected nine unknown chakras heading here. And all of them are powerful.” Says the scout. Hiro, Hope and Zig quickly dashed out from their tents and stand guards at the Camp enterance. Then slowly the saw nine figures heads to their direction. “Hope can you identify them?” ask Hiro. Hope uses his Rinnengan and focus on the nine individuals. “It’s the seven swordsmen of the mist, Misa and one unknown female.” Says Hope. “If Misa is with them then they are allies. Then they landed infront of Hiro and Hope.


“Shisio is our ally now. He knows the truth of his Devil Army.” Says Misa. “But he kill many of our allies.” Says Zig. “Zig, we need as many allies in this war.” Says Misa. “Zig?” ask Nila.

“Who are you?” ask Zig.

“I’m Nila.”

“What? That’s not funny.” Says Zig. “Yeah we found this lost puppy on the way here. Claim to be Nila. But her eyes is strange.” Says Chaos. Hiro, Hope and Zig stare at her. “How can we be sure?” ask Hiro. “Alright. Zig after you did that stupid thing with Iruka sensei you have a new nickname at the academy and it’s called….” Before Nila finish her sentence, Zig closes her mouth with his hand. “Yup, this is Nila alright.” Says Zig. “Nila?” ask Hope and he hugs his little sister. The camp become louder as the news of Nila returns spread.

“I just sent a letter about your return to mother and father.” Says Hope. “Thank you big bro.” says Nila. She then looks at the main tent. “I’m worried. The Seven Swordsmen plan. It’s practically suicidal.” Says Nila. “Don’t worry they know their duty and loyalty.” Says Hope.

Hiro and Zig looks at Misa and the Seven swordsmen with disbelief. “Are you stupid. Do all of you have a death wish?” ask Hiro.

“Ah, so you'll make your way there, pretty as you please, then maybe a picnic lunch and the UHE will give you guys a ride home. You guys may as well be storming Heaven's Gate itself.” Says Zig.

“We must strike at them at their weakess.” Says Jisho.

“Define weakess please.” Ask Zig. “Kai forces may have been defeated but he manage to injured the bijuus. The bijuus will not be as powerful as before. Now is our chances.” Says Mika. “Then we will aid you.” Says Hiro. “Negative.” Says Shisio. “Shisio this is suicide.” Says Hiro. “Maybe. But it’s my way of redemption.” Says Shisio. “I won’t approve.” Says Hiro. “Who needs your approval? We’re just correcting what our previous Mizukage is doing.” Says Eart. Hiro sighs and sit on his chair. “When will you attack them?” ask Hiro. “We will leave now. And hit them at dawn.” Says Chaos. “Does Kai knows about this?” ask Zig. “Nope. This is the Seven Swordsmen operation. And we always operate alone.” Says Vato. “I’m hungry.” Says Gage.

Shisio looks at Hiro.

“Hiro. If I din’t make it back, I want you to do something for me.”


“Kill Reika.”

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