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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

-Kill Reika?

(The camp is in uproar.)

Hiro: What are you on?

Shisio: Just as I said, kill Reika. (Before Hiro can utter another word, Hope interrupts.)

Hope: That’s not an option… At least, not yet; the UHE wasn’t the only thing we tried to collapse over the years. Reika’s nation was also on our top priority. But that place is crawling with genetically enhanced troops that originated up from under Amegakure’s underground lab. Not to mention every entry into Amegakure is on careful watch by the Sa-mosutatto clan. If it was that simple to infiltrate Amegakure, we would have done that a long time ago.

(Hiro nods his head.)

Zig: And if the rumors were true , a doctor like SNA scientist from the 4th shinobi, had secretly robbed the damaged bloodline strains from the destroyed lab and had worked experiments on the dead as well as living Amegakure shinobi in order to see such results. He had been doing that shit for 11 years, well, that’s what they say and all…

(Everyone is disturbed.)

Hiro: Yeah, not even Kyo when he was alive could pin point the cause as to why his shinobi kept vanishing up from under his nose. Kyo would send his shinobi out on simple transport or, whatever simple missions yet find out that his ninja started to disappear. Ironic that he never would have guessed that his own village was in part responsible for the deaths, or the experiments on his living shinobi.

(Shisio smirks.)

Shisio: It seems you guys know quite a lot about that, congrats, saves me the time of explaining. (Everyone looks at Shisio.)

Misa: That’s right, you use to work for Reika, you should know something that might help them in way of stopping Reika.

Nila: Please, mr. Shisio sir.

Jisho: You know something, that’s one of the reasons why we attempted to track you for so long. You were the closest to her.

Gage: Feed me…

Eart: Well then spit it out…

Chaos: Why fear who isn’t immortal? Shisio, just spill it already.

Mika: Say it already, we gotta back up Kai!

Shisio: First, tell me how you Konoha hounds got so good at recon. (Shisio smirks while everyone else sighs. Hiro then speaks up.)

Hiro: Aito and Shun are Uzumaki Sensei’s body guards however, they are two of the best trackers of Konoha. We managed to gather that much however, an unfortunate attack claimed the life of Aito, while Shun escaped however, half of his face was burned badly by one of Mikoto’s men. Shun managed to escape by reaching safe grounds of our camp. Ever since, none of us ever even dreamed of stepping foot into that place again. The horrors and morbid things he saw there was beyond comprehension. Shun even said their nation has developed a way to reverse the Hachibi and Kyuubi’s chakras attack back on us. Their technology is that great.

Nila: I, can’t believe Aito’s dead… And Shun, where is he?

Hope: Shun is with Dosa’s Reaper unit… They are tasked with cutting off supply routes without being compromised. They’ve been at it for years however, the UHE’s supplying network far exceeds what we can counter.

Hiro: Hmm, Dosa just likes the destroying part…

Eart: Yeah, when are we going to be moving on to more pressing concerns? Shisio, end this pointless discussion.

(Shisio nods his head.)

Shisio: Chakra patterns. Unique chakra waves from a member of that hideout will allow entry. There’s a secret passage way in which only those who belong to Amegakure’s high ranks could get in without being suspected. I’ve always planned to kill Reika, but never got around to it. It would be best to take that path alone. More than one person going through that passageway to her office will not jive with the system. The hand is used to open the passageway, while it shuts right afterwards. But once you’re in there, you’re all alone, it would be best to prepare or, die,

Nila: How do you mimic chakra patterns of a person? Henges won’t work, no matter how skillfully crafted they are.

Shisio: If my hand is used it will work, I will just have to have it be surgically implanted on Hiro, and Hiro will have to give me is hand, so I don’t end up like a cripple.

(Everyone is shocked.)

Zig: You’re kidding me?

Shisio: No, only live chakra signals will work, so I can’t just hack off my hand and give it to you guys, it has to be transplanted on to someone, and that someone should be the person to face Reika.

Hiro: Hmm, if it has to be done, then so be it.

Nila: But Sensei, that’s your arm we’re talking about. Not to mention the odds, Shisio even said that a high chance of death once you get in there will be represented.

Hiro: I always play bad hands in poker, that way it makes the victory that much more satisfying when you defy the odds. (Hiro grins while Zig and Hope nods their heads.)

Chaos: It’s a sacrifice worth striving for, if he fails, oh well, but if he wins...

(Time passes as the story is now 4 days into the future. The Sevenmist swordsmen with the aid of Misa, and Shisio are now standing on the outskirts of Mizugakure. Shisio now has Hiro’s right hand attached to where his own hand use to be. In the middle of a battlefield, countless corpses can be seen. However, Kai is standing, injured, but still standing. The Bijuu are all collapsed on the ground… The reinforcement group rushes to Kai’s aide. The Scene switches to a tower somewhere at Mizugakure. Asura, who is monitoring the battle, now springs his new trap.)

Asura: It seems a masterful host such as the Hachibi was able to overpower the Bijuu. After all, hosts are infinitely more powerful than Bijuu because they have the mind and will to control the masses of chakra perfectly. Though, it took four years for Kai to release his true power. The Bijuu needs time to recover. I must store them back into the meteor.

(Soon a portal opens up and Tank appears.)

Tank: The boss said things weren’t lookin to good over here, and that you required my help. How is it that this place isn’t to hell in a hand basket yet, when you control 7 Bijuu? DISSAPOINTMENT! YOU WAKE ME UP FOR THIS SHIT?

Asura: The Hachibi Host has grown with each new experience over the war. His power now even rivals the 7 Bijuu, but the meteor’s full strength can now effectively erase this planet from existence however, I’ve daunted to long and let the Bijuu get weakened, so the meteor needs to recover. To think Kai would come this far without Uzumaki on the field… I need you to settle the mess that’s down there. You are the Iron Fist of the UHE, the most physically strongest and most gifted in taijutsu. And you have also had your powers even further augmented by the Meteor… So, handle-…

(Tank interrupts.)

Tank: I DON’t NEED YOU TO REMIND ME! I’m gonna squash them like bUGS! (The Scene switches to the battlefield outside. Kai is now resting on the ground as a small recovery station was just set up.)

Misa: He’s done well; we have a chance after all.

Jisho: He’s definitely something else; his mastery over the Hachibi is absolute. He’s even more masterful over the Bijuu than The Hokage himself.

(Shisio looks into the sky and notices something. Shisio draws his blade.)

Shisio: Something’s coming. (The Sevenmist swordsmen takes notice pulls out there blades and guards Kai. Soon, a large man comes crashing down, which creates a huge crater in the earth. Everyone feels the vibrations.)

Gage: I’m hungry! His chakra feels yummy yum… (The defeated Bijuu then lifts into the air.)
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