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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Jisho: Damn, they’re using this time to recover the Bijuu.

Chaos: In my years on this planet, never have I seen a man walk in which he shook the earth. (Tank walks closer to them as small earthquakes are being made.)

Misa: This man, he’s Tank of the UHE. I’ve fought with him before, but his powers have drastically improved, it’s not the same as before.

Jisho: What do you think it could mean?

Misa: I don’t know, but keep your eyes on him and strike from long range.

Eart: Bigger they are the harder they fall, I’m not scared of this idiot.

Vato: Study his movements. (Mika rushes off the face Tank. Everyone is shocked.)

Shisio: FOOL!

Jisho: NOOOO!

Mika: AHHHHHH Take THISS! (She rushes toward Tank and tries to stab his torso with her twin blades however, they shatter upon making contact with his body.)

Tank: That itched BITCH!

Mika: Impossible!


Mika: Suiton: Front Shield. (Tank However, uses his back hand to break through the barrier of water. Everyone is shocked.)

Gage: I’m not so hungry anymore…

Vato: No way.

Shisio: With his back hand hmm…

Tank: Back hand no jutsu foolz. NOWZ! MY STRAIGHT RIGHT PUNCH NOOBZ.! (The mist swords men and Misa rushes to Mika’s aid however it was too late. Tank’s punch hits Mika’s face and utterly destroys it. Blood and disfigurement is left upon Mika’s once cute face. Blood sprays everywhere while everyone is now in disbelief. Mika’s body hits the ground. Everyone pauses in fear of the brutal Tank. Tank now lifts up his foot, preparing to step on Mika’s head.)

Damn, broke your shit! NOW, IT’S TIME TO END IT! (Tank steps on her head with great force, which causes brains and gooey substances to leak from the sides. A huge crater is created again, which forces everyone back while Jisho grabs Kai and places him to a safer location. The mist shinobi gets on their guard yet, are so shaken up from Tank’s enormously powerful form and animalistic nature, they begin to shiver.)

Chaos: Not in my entire life time.

Shisio: His intent to kill far surpasses mine. Not even a decade of more killing can bring me to the point in which I’d become that cold.

Vato: She brought that on herself, though, it was still a shame to see such a thing happen to one of our own.

Gage: He no look good anymore.

Misa:….(A tear falls down her face.)

Eart: There has to be another way to stop him.

Jisho: Mika… HEH!!! (He tries to rush forward however, Shisio uses his speed to reach Jisho and stop him.)

Shisio: Do you want to end up just like her? (Jisho bows his head down. Tank yells at the top of his lungs.)


AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (Chakra forms around Tank’s fists as he balls them up. Soon the chakra thins out and becomes skin type, as his balled up fists glows. The Scene switches to an underground base. The room has a large scroll set up that covers the floor like a carpet. Countless of shinobi are sitting on top of the scroll. In the middle of the scroll, The Hokage sits and helps transmit his chakra into the scroll. Around him are the Kages that are also doing the same thing. Soon, Yoshiyuki walks near the scroll and sits down next to Raikage.)

Raikage: Is the chakra barrier still strong?

Yoshiyuki: Yes, not even the UHE’s penetrative sight can see through this barrier.

The Hokage: I hope the allied forces are still fairing well. I left Kai on the outside a few months ago. I hope that his mastery of the Bijuu, and the others have managed to hold the UHE off long enough for us to form the counter meteor.

Kazekage: Tetsuo won’t know what hit him.

Tsuchikage: But, will it be enough?

Raikage: Four years we’ve been at this, that’s why it should be enough. (Soon everyone besides the Kages starts to collapse.)

The Hokage: It just drains so much energy, that we haven’t had enough time and man power to fight outside. So many casualties, it has to work. But our next move is to figure out how to reach Tetsuo, and make it to his world.

(Scene switches to Zig, Nila, and Hope’s location, they are standing in the middle of nowhere however, there is a door lying on the ground.)

Zig: So you are saying you can break down barriers, then break down this one and let us into this door way and into the underground hall.

Hope: NO DON’t! Tetsuo might find out, just wait until Yoshiyuki lets us in.

(Nila notices that Zig is staring at her. Nila instantly covers herself up.)

Nila: Jerk! I can’t wait until I get some new clothing, geeze!

Next Time: Mist Swordsmen vs. The Iron Fist!
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