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Originally Posted by Mal View Post
Australia has states?
Indeed we do good sir.

I am from Western Australia the largest state in the country, we are the place to be for the economic booms, then there is the northern territory, a nice place to go look around but the moar rural parts are full of aboriginal communities NOT WANT, as they are pretty disfunctional and don't really like the white man.

Below that is South Australia, apparently the city of churches but is pretty much as boring as WA, moving on we have Queensland, A very popular place and good place to go, surfers paradise is pretty awesome and they have a buncha theme parks there south a lil is NSW, home of Sydney and Ero famous for a bridge and opera house.
Following is the ACT a bunch of retards who snuck in while Sydney and Melb were arguing over who was going to be the capital of OZ made up their own lil retarded state and went hurr durr im in charge.

Victioria is next home of Melbourne and our new NL aussie who I may take under my wing...maybe... have a big theme park called Luna Park supposed to be pretty cool gai, called the windy city because it's windy as fuck, usually has shit weather and bitter rival with sydney as to who they think is better.... ass's... then right below is Tasmania....Settlers inhabited the Island killed all the blacks and began having sex with their immediate family. generally tasmanians have 2 heads but if they travel the main land they partake in a game of 2 up, and the winner gets to remain the dominant head while the other is removed, you can still tell a tasmanian from a distance as they have a scar from where the head was removed and for those playing at home, this is where Matthekage hailed from...

Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.

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