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Re: Just a Thought THREAD

Originally Posted by BAYSYCK View Post
I wanted to make a thread but the site wont let me
my question is how will naruto control the kyuubi?
I know everyone says killerbee will teach him but it seems that kb might have become friends with the hachibi or made some sort of deal and i dont see naruto becoming friends with the kyuubi lol.
A deal could happen but wat kind of deal could he make with the kyuubi.
The only other way would be to control the kyuubi.
which the only known way is with the sharingan and thats not gonna happen.
So how do you think naruto will become in sync with the kyuubi?
Anything is possible with a little understanding. Right now, Naruto is big into "I understand how you must feel", however, he has not even given a thought as to the Kyuubi's feelings.
Ultra powerful being, being used again and again...then finally, sealed in some under-achiever for years. When Naruto finally becomes aware of the's "give me your chakra" and "lend me your power" and "stupid fox". If I were the Kyuubi, I'd want to kick Naruto's ass too...that disrespectful, ungrateful little asshole.

PS. Naruto rules
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