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Re: Spanking your kids?

Originally Posted by Mal View Post
Your question assumes that at some point it was a good form of discipline. You need to clarify, what do you mean to ask? What do you mean by "good?"

"Is spanking a viable/acceptable form of discipline?"
"Was spanking ever a viable/acceptable form of discipline?"

I thinking spanking has its place, so long as the child understands why they are being spanked. Spanking your child and saying they're not supposed to do something "because I said so" or giving no reason at all isn't discipline, it's abuse.
For me it was a good form of discipline based on my own personal experience, hence my question. For me the deal is using it early, like 4-5 years of age. I just don't believe in that psychology or timeout shit. That's my personal opinion though. Others work and others don't.

I posted this question because it seems that there are too many spoiled kids out there. I think they haven't been touch in their entire life and it kinda hurts me to see parents being treated like equals by their kids.

And for parents who want to be "bestfriends" to their kids... Sorry that's not a good idea, maintain your authority.
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