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Re: Spanking your kids?

Originally Posted by Vanity View Post
I'm going to pick c. "I'd like you to jump into a black-hole"
Originally Posted by Vanity View Post
I agree, but when does age play in?

Pain can produce obedience, but it also produces anger [even if it's explained. I know I reached a certain age and I nearly punched my mum once because she beat the snot out of me once. Whether I deserved it or not was inconsequential]. Children will reach and age where discipline needs to move away from spanking to something that's more than skin deep. What they're being disciplined for, too, is changing, therefore the punishment needs to change. I'm a firm believe in disciplining without spanking if you can avoid it, but some children have phases and I'm under the impression is has a purpose.

And you still need to go away =/. This belongs in the debates section.
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The debate section is dead. The lounge is a better place for this.
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