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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

“So what’s the plan?” ask Vato. “Overpowering him is not an option. So…” says Chaos. “We outsmart him.” Says Jisho. Chaos nods and he charges straight towards Tank. Tank yelled and he charge towards Chaos and as they get closer, Chaos jumps upwards and throw a pink ball at Tank’s face.

“What the…”

The pink ball explodes and large gluey material like chewing gum covers Tank’s face. “What happen!!!!!!” yelled Tank. “Now!!!” yelled Shisio and Jisho run to Tank and stuffed explosive in Tank’s mouth and he makes a hand seal. The explosive start to glow and Tank’s head explode, killing him.

“That was too easy.” says Eart. “Well when Mika’s blade couldn’t penetrate him, I know, he can’t be defeated if we attack from the outside. That’s why I use the gum ball to block his vision. And told Jisho to stuff that freak’s mouth with explosive. I’ve been fighting for hunderds of years. Reading that brute capability is like reading a five year old text book.” Says Chaos. “Now, they pretty much know we’re here.” Says Eart. “Good, the more the merrier.” Says Vato. “As a matter of fact, I'm preparing for a tough war. That will bring us neither money nor fame. Want to join?” Says Shisio. “Yeah!!!” everyone shout. Shisio looks at Kai who is standing in the midst of the battlefield. “Misa, stand by him.” Ordered Shisio. “What?” ask Misa. “Stand by him.” Says Shisio. “No. Mika’s gone. You need me.” Says Misa. “We need a trained ninja, not a wimpy gunslinger.” Says Vato. “Maybe. But now you got a wimpy gunslinger as the seventh ninja.” Says Misa.


“What?” ask Misa.

“I thought you gonna cry when Vato says like that.” Ask Eart. “Hmph.” Grunts Vato.

“Move people.” Says Jisho and the six remaining swordsmen runs towards Mizugakure.

At a tower at Mizugakure.

“Seven?” says Asura as he looks through the telescope. He signals his troops and the UHE and Mist ninjas began to mobilize at the main gate. Asura smirks as the seven ninjas approach. “Their forces are mobilizing at the main gate.” Says Misa.

“Now.” Says Shisio and all seven ninjas make the same hand seals. “Ninja Art: Hidden Mist Technique.” says all seven ninjas and mist began to cover the main gate. “Hmph, child’s play.” Says Asura and he and the rest of the UHE ninjas put on their googles, but Asura notice something strange, the mist didn’t dissapear when put his googles on. “That mist is laced with chakras.” Says Asura and he signal more troops to concentrate at the main gate. Suddenly there’s explosion behind the gathering troops and Chaos, Vato, Eart and Gage strike their enemies from behind.

“What!!!!” scream Asura and he saw Shisio, Jisho and Misa running towards the tower. “Scramble all troops!!!!” yelled Asura. Chaos, Vato, Eart and Gage slash through their opponets and manage to cause confusion between the UHE ninjas who seems to run for their life.

“Regroup men!!!” yelled a UHE ninja while another ninja fired a signal flare to the sky to alert other ninjas within the city.

“Gage, go to the south barracks and kill everything that moves.” Ordered Chaos. “Yay!!! You heard that Samehada.” Ask Gage. Samehada wriggles. “I know. All you can eat buffet.” Says Gage and he went to the east barracks. “Chaos, look.” Says Vato and he points to the south west area. Hundreds of ninja is storming to their direction. “Where are those giant puppets?” ask Vato and suddenly the ground shakes and five giant puppets heads towards them. One of the puppets opens its chest and reveals hundreds of explosive kunai. The ninja inside the puppet moves some strings and the puppet shoot its payload towards the three swordsmen. “Evasion!!!” yelled Chaos and all of them jump away and Vato jumps towards one of the giant puppets. “Dragon Slash!!!!” yelled Vato and he cuts one of the puppets right arm. Another giant puppet looks at Eart and opens its mouth to reveal a giant cannon. “Aww, crap.” Says Eart and the giant puppt shoot the cannon towards Eart. Eart unsheath his Hiramekarei. “Hiramekarei Unleashed: Frontal Shield.” Says Eart and the chakra around his sword transform into a shield shape and Eart blocks the cannon ball, but the impact sends him flying hundreds feet back and crash into a house. Blood flows from his temple, his left arm is badly wounded, blood gushed from his abdomen and his sword is a few feet away from him.

“Ouch…” says Eart and he look up and sees hundreds ninjas are rushing towards him.

“This won’t end well…..” says Eart as he struggles to reach his sword.

“More ninjas from the north!!!” yelled Chaos and he find himself surrounded by UHE Anbus. “Well, gentlemen, how many lives must I end?” ask Chaos and he stabs one of the Anbu by the throat. “That’s one.” Says Chaos and he looks at the other Anbus who circling him at the moment.

“En garde!!!” yelled Chaos.

Shisio, Jisho and Misa are cutting through UHE ninjas as they’re getting closer a huge explosion occur behind them. “Will they be ok?” ask Jisho. “Who knows?” Answers Shisio as they get closer to the main tower.

“Dammit.” Says Asura and a man approach him from behind. Asura looks behind him and sees Uchiha Sasuke. “It seems these seven men cause you a lot of trouble.” Says Sasuke. “You must stop them. If the meteor falls down, then the new Uchiha village…” says Asura. “They are clones.” Says Sasuke. “Yes they are, but the new ones are born like normal human. They are the real next generation of Uchihas.” Says Asura. Sasuke close his eyes. “If the barrier falls down, what will stop the alliance from commiting genocide towards the Uchihas? The real human Uchihas are just babies.” Says Asura. Sasuke opens his eyes and runs towards the window and plunge down towards Shisio. Asura grins as he sees Sasuke prepares to attack Shisio.

Jisho, Misa and Shisio runs towards the tower, when suddenly they felt something is approaching them. Shisio looks up and saw Uchiha Sasuke. Shisio drew his sword and parries Sasuke’s attack. “Both of you, continue the mission!!!” yelled Shisio. Jisho and Misa nods and they run towards the tower. “And you think I let them?” ask Sasuke. “I’m your opponent!!!” yelled Shisio and fire burns his sword. “This time I will throw your body at the Mist River.” Says Shisio. Lightning cracks at Sasuke’s blade and Shisio turns his blade chakra into wind. “Let see which is better at close combat, wind or lightning.” Says Shisio. Sasuke activate his sharingan.

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