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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

-Allied Forces Strikes BACK!

(The scene starts off in the South Barracks. The Samehada in Gage’s hands has grown into its more mature form. Around Gage lies numerous of shinobi that have been sliced into ribbons.)

Gage: How do you like it Samehada?

Samehada: Gi, GI, GI, GI…

Gage: Yummy yum. Now give me sum! Don’t hog up all the CHAKRA FOR YOURSELF!

(Scene switches over to an alleyway somewhere in Mizugakure, Vato is slumping his way out of the alley while he his right hand covering his right eye. Blood drip down his face, blood from his damaged eye.)

Vato: Bastards got my eye… (Soon Vato notices that there are four shinobi approaching him from each end [for a total of eight shinobi].) My mother always told me about walkin down allies alone. Heh, looks like that hag was talking some sense in this case. (The UHE members yell at the top of their lungs as they rush towards the trapped Vato.) And I thought this would be the fastest way to the Tower, what with me avoiding all the commotion and all. (Vato pulls out his Katana. It has jagged teeth all over it. Just rubbing it the wrong away will rip your fingers into confetti.)

This is my Razor teeth blade… Feel my teeth and get butchered! (As all eight shinobi draws close to Vato, the scene switches over to Chaos’s location. Chaos is surrounded by numerous of shinobi. Chaos pulls out a rapier and gets into a point guard stance. He the swings his blade with such finesse.)

Chaos: I said Engarde! Ladies and gentlemen, let me demonstrate for you an art of sword play that you shinobi have yet to comprehend.

UHE: HEY! HE CAN’T DO ANYTHING WITH THAT SKINNY BLADE! GET EMM! (Three UHE members lined up in a vertical line rushes towards him.) Oh no! That’s the worse combat formation against a skilled striker like me… (Immediately Chaos thrusts his body and blade forward which pierces through all three UHE members like they were shish kabob. Chaos quickly withdraws his blade and gets back into his stance. The other UHE members are amazed at Chaos’s swordsmen skills.)

UHE Commander: Oh SHIT!

UHE member: What do we do sir?!

UHE member 2: That skill is strange but it killed all nasty like.


Chaos: Looks like you children catch on fast. But it won’t be enough to handle a vet like me. Eart… Just hold on a little longer kid... (Scene switches to a nearby location, Eart is wobbling to the Tower’s location. He is all injured and scarred up. He carries his Hiramekarei on his back however, due to his injuries to his torso, he leans over as he continues to walk.)

Eart: Damn… It shouldn’t have been that difficult to take down a hundred of those goons… I must still be suffering from that blow by that super puppet. Have to keep on going… Not going to die out here… (Soon a Lightning Bolt hits the ground near Eart. As the smoke clears, it is revealed to be Raitie.) Aint that a bitch huh?

Raitie: Yes sir, it is… (Raiton Armor Crackles around Reitie’s body.)

Eart in thought: Of all people to show up… I don’t have enough in the tank to tangle with her…

Raitie: After wasting that Konoha ninja, Izo was it? I think I can take a wounded sevenmist swordsman… What do you say Dragon of the Hiramekarei? (Eart pulls out the Hiramekarei.)

Eart: Hiramekarei: RELEASE! EHH. (Eart leans as he unsheathes his weapon. The Scene switches over to Shisio vs. Sasuke. Sasuke is knocked back however, he digs his Katana into the earth to create friction and slow his fall.)

Shisio: A wind blade is the strongest blade, be sure to remember that. (Sasuke returns to a steady posture.)

Sasuke: You were mine… Why do you fight for these mindless fools?

Shisio: I’m my own person, no one has ever had control over my own decisions except me.

Sasuke: You have the darkness in you, come, follow me into the depths of darkness. That’s the only place where our purposes can be fulfilled. Why aide a side that will be vanquished by the dark? You should conquer the dark, not become a slave to it.

Shisio: Heh… Your control over this turf is ending… Good thing I’ve switched sides…

Sasuke: Nonsense.

Shisio: They’ve played weak in order to build up over these years. That’s what I’ve been told. You guys had the advantage however, they never intended on fighting with their full might those years… (Sasuke makes the ox and monkey handseal and forges Chidori as Sasuke sheathes his blade.)

Sasuke: They’ve had no might. Not even NARUTO could stop us…

Shisio: True, but they’ve played the victim long enough… (Sasuke is angered as he rushes toward Shisio with Chidori. Shisio uses his blade to cut his hand a little. He quickly sheathes his blade and uses the blood with a string of handseals. He then touches the ground with one palm before Sasuke gets within range. A Cloud of Smoke fills the area. It soon clears which reveals seven coffins that, emerges from the ground. Sasuke backs up and gets on his guard.)

Sasuke: What the hell kind of summoning is that?

Shisio: The rule, well a tradition in Mizugakure is to pass down this scroll to the strongest/leader of the sevenmist swordsmen. When I was their leader I was given this scroll and I’d have to be a fool if I didn’t make use of it just because I had defected. Only I have it in my possession. A long time ago, maybe over a century and a half ago, the very first sevenmist swordsmen members always wanted to help out the next generation of sevenmist swordsmen if they were facing odds in which they couldn’t defeat. So, before they died, they’ve wired their souls to be resummoned in battle. This summoning requires a large amount of chakra and seven corpses at my disposal.

Sasuke: So, it’s like Orochimaru’s Edo Tensei.

Shisio: Kind of, but only those recognized by the blood contract and the original sevenmist swordsmen’s acknowledgement of spirit, body, and jutsu of the strongest of the current sevenmist swordsmen can ever hope to use this technique. Since they’ve acknowledged me and I’m bound to a pact, the only person who can hope to use them at this time is me. This is one of the reasons as to how I was able to kill thousands of people during this war…

(The Coffins starts to open up. Sasuke activates Mangekyou Sharingan and draws upon the Dark Susanoo complete with a sword and Shield. The Scene switches to inside the tower. Misa and Jisho are surrounded by all of the of shinobi in that entire base on the first floor [apparently it’s a large base] next to the elevator, as the shinobi came pouring down from the long stairway waiting for them.)

Jisho: Looks like we gotta get down and dirty. (Misa rustles through her pocket and pulls out a gas bomb.)

Misa: Let’s smoke em!

Jisho: NOOO! I’ll die.

Misa: Didn’t I tell you to take that pill before we entered the tower?

Jisho: Oh yeah, so if that explodes, I won’t get effected?

Misa: Nope, you are totally immune. (Misa tosses a gas bomb as Jisho and herself gets down. Soon a large volume of gas erupts and fills the entire room. The UHE members cough gag and then vomit their insides out. One person coughs up his liver [lol].Another commits suicide by running a Kunai into his heart.)

Jisho: Damn, those things are that effective? Who’d think life would be that bad you’d have to kill yourself. Then again I suppose coughing up your organs isn’t particularly appealing. I’d kill myself too. Why not use it against Tetsuo?

Misa: It took me 10 years to create that supplement. Considering that it took out all of the shinobi who came through here instantly, we can make our way to the top. It was risky, but the chances of us getting through here without that supplement were like less than 1%. At least now we can proceed to the control room without interruptions.

Jisho: Don’t you have another vile?

Misa: Nope, 10 years to make, remember that…

Jisho: That’s inconvenient…

Misa: Well I only had a couple of vaccines anyway. If it exploded near everyone else, we’d be in trouble. 5 years to make vaccine pills.

Jisho: That’s so damn risky it isn’t even funny.

Misa: Not to mention I didn’t think the vaccine was perfect, yet you and me are still alive, so I guess it came out all right.
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