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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!


Misa: Hey, remember what Konoha’s Aerial Hatchet said? About playing bad hands and what not; well the victory is always more satisfying this way (Jisho is sweating).

Jisho (in thought): My life was a coin flip… (The scene switches to the top of the tall tower. The door is blown apart as Jisho swings his huge beheader. Asura backs up as Misa and Jisho proceeds into the control room. Misa pulls out one of her .45 Caliber pistols and points it at Asura as he puts his hands up, like he’s being held up.)

Misa: Stick em’ up! Now be a good boy and turn off this meteor or, I’ll stick a bullet in your head. (Asura sweats.)

Asura in thought: I’ll just send this meteor to the other side and let Tetsuo end things.

(Soon a large bluish-yellowish meteor that’s even larger than the one in the sky clashes with the one in the sky. Asura, Misa, and Jisho looks out of the window in awe as they catches the sight. Soon everyone fighting in Mizugakure notices the sight as well. The Scene switches to Sasuke vs. Shisio. 7 Black clad sprits wielding translucent blades from a variety of shapes and sizes are surrounding Susanoo however, Shisio and Sasuke pauses as they look up in the sky. The Scene switches to the meteors. The bigger one then explodes as it takes the smaller one with it.

Waves of colors and energies floats through the sky, everyone is temporarily blinded as they duck for cover. The sky no longer has any meteor. The Scene switches to the outskirts of Mizugakure. All of the Kages, some of the remaining allied forces from the great hidden villages, Yoshiyuki, Hope, Zig, Nila, Blake (from the Rock) [and many more] are all standing on a huge scroll that covers the ground. Apparently, the meteor came from them. Kai is also standing on the scroll next to The Hokage. Nila [now in a black trench coat with black leather shirt and pants], Zig, and Hope walk over to The Hokage.)

Nila: We did it! (Everyone smiles. The Hokage pats Nila on the head.)

The Hokage: Nila, Zig, and Hope. You three come with me, we are going to help the mist swordsmen put an end to all of this. (Kai walks over as well.)

Kai: Let me go as well, this is my home, and those fools won’t destroy it with me here!

(Nila activates Byakugan.)

Nila: We’re on the far outskirts of Mizugakure but, if we hurry we can make it in like 30 minutes.

Hope: We’ll go together…

Zig: Too bad Laya couldn’t be here to see this… [Nila is shocked as she starts to cry tear up however, Hope taps her to bring her back to reality.] (The Hokage, Nila, Zig, Hope, and Kai, rushes off towards Mizugakure, a little time goes by as the scene switches back towards the Allied Forces locale. The Kazekage starts to move forward however, the Raikage stops him.)

Raikage: This is their right; Tetsuo was the Leaf's mistake, and besides, the seven mist swordsmen are there as well, have faith. We’re not part of it anymore. The best we can do now is holding the fort for them. (Soon a portal opens up in front of the allied forces. It is revealed that Michi and Oita emerges from it. The allied forces are shocked.)

Oita: So, it’s gone…

Michi: Tetsuo is pissed at you people. (The Raikage smirks as she runs in front. Soon Yoshiyuki joins her.)

Raikage: You up for some action?

Youshiyuki: Asao… It’s time we end the UHE, you and me… For the OLD MAN! (The remaining two Kages rushes behind to watch their backs. Soon another portal opens up, near the allied forces, it appear behind the kages but in front of the allied forces. It is Ino Shika Cho.)

Ino Shika Cho: Hmm, all these people, looks like they were able to pull it off. (Blake, Take, and Sazx steps up. The Scene switches back to Mizugakure. It seems the mist swordsmen are doing their thing however, overlooking the battle field is Sakuya. The Scene switches to the Enchanted World on the other side of the barrier. Tetsuo and Blank prepares to cross over.)

Tetsuo: We’ve underestimated them… No… We simply didn’t consider them a threat. So, it was all a ploy to think we had them down and out…

Blank: We’re going over aren’t we?

Tetsuo: Yes, it seems Uzumaki Nila has developed her powers enough to shatter the barrier. I’ve been watching how things have been turning out with the crystal ball, we’ve been fooled. To think they’d put of a shielding mechanism that could even surpass my watchful eye… Even if we stay here, they’ll make their way over here. Don’t worry… Their powers still can’t match ours, especially not mine. Tank was physically the strongest, but he was the weakest out of all of us in technique and in mind capabilities…

The true end of the Shinobi world begins the moment we step outside. We have the citizens of that world over here anyway. They are brainwashed by our genjutsu. Life is good once we correct the Shinobi’s mistakes…(Tetsuo places his hand on the barrier and shatters it. The Scene switches over to a barren waste land. Mikoto is walking the lands however, he stops once he notices someone in his path.)

Mikoto: So… A challenger approaches…

Teru: I’m much more than before. I’m no longer a kid… (Teru now has neck length hair. He also has a noticeable chin hair. He has grown about 2 inches. So he’s like 5 ft 10. He dresses in the typical Sand attire.)

Mikoto: Revenge… I don’t care! NINJA ART: Microwave Oven over a mile radius! (Mikoto’s skin grows red soon, Teru makes handseals quickly. His body then hardens like black platinum; everything else in that mile radius is incinerated; birds, trees, animals, people [UHE]. Mikoto is shocked that Teru managed to increase his Earth Style to such a degree.)

Impossible… Platinum… So you can alter your body using earth to that degree… But be warned. When I touch you I’m going to melt right through your defenses…

Teru: We’ll see…

Mikoto: You can’t beat what just hasn’t been beaten… Get that through your skull.

Teru: Hmm. (The scene switches to Amegakure. Reika is in her traditional attire instead of Kyo’s armor [because she doesn’t need to hide anymore]. Soon the passageway to her room is open. She walks over to it and notices that Hiro appears much to her shock. She gets on her guard and backs up.)

Reika: How did you? Impossible! (Hiro smirks and shows off his right hand.)

Hiro: Shisio’s, you like?

Reika: Why he?

Hiro: End of the Line… (Hiro draws out both of his Mountain Cutters. They are circling with wind chakra. Reika makes a handseal as her eyes go crock like.)

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