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Re: Just a Thought THREAD

Originally Posted by melonCHOLiX View Post
Yeah, that's been blatantly obvious from the first chapter. XD I guess an orphanage is plausible but it's been bothering me a lot, and I'd really like to know everyone else's take on it.

EDIT: And another thing. Why has he never questioned about his whiskers before Mizuki told him about the Kyuubi?!
Naruto 3rd Databook - Kishimoto - whether Kushina is still alive or not will be revealed in the manga itself.

So wait i guess...

IMO, what happen to her within that 12 years is up to speculatation...
but she was there to raise the baby for the vital period (toddler)...

As for the memory of her, i don't think Naruto is born with super memory to remember his baby days...

And the whisker... i think he dont really know/care lol...
small kids doesn't noes nut about their body at very young age...

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