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Re: Just a Thought THREAD

Originally Posted by melonCHOLiX View Post
Still, a toddler can't take care of himself either, so I'm thinking he began taking care of himself once he hit about nine or ten. What was between then?

Oh come on, he's not that much of an idiot. d: Give him some credit. It doesn't take a genius to think "oh everyone else doesn't have these strange lines on their faces why do i?"
Although, Chouji and Kiba have some pretty weird stuff on their faces, but Naruto should at least have some brains to ask someone about it.
As you can see naruto at 12yrs old at the start of the series and how he lives his life... pretty much how hes been living before the dissapearance of his mom... IMO...

And im not going to go microscopic on this cause hey even though there are kids less than 9 years old in this world who fend on their own w/o mom and dad...

This still is a manga so every small detail like how he have money to afford a bowl of ramen should be forgiven/ignored.

And you're right it doesn't take an idiot to notice the whisker...
but maybe for a 12yr old who is shunned by the kids/others in the village...
he practically don't really care and already ..... [fcuk i hate going child phycology on this]

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