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Re: Just a Thought THREAD

Originally Posted by stubborn_narut0 View Post
I completely agree!

Also take a look at the level of katon and raiton jutsus sasuke uses. I doubt he would be able to use such high level raiton jutsus without it being his natural affinity.

Oh and if katon is his primary element why does he rely so much on raiton, why doesnt he use katon much more than he uses raiton, not vice versa like it is now
I say Katon. The first elemental jutsu he masters is a fire jutsu. Don't you think if he was a raiton, he would have had a lot more difficulty? And I'm not sure where but I remember Sasuke's dad said something about the Uchiha crest/logo/whatever symbolised the fan that fueled the fire type something of the Uchiha and Kakashi also said that uchiha's were usually fire users. (I'm not very specific but oh well)

Sasuke probably likes the lightening blade more because it's waaaay better at killing people. I'd pretty sure a stab to the heart works way more effictively than just burning someone.

Originally Posted by ThePein View Post
because katon sucks.
This too.
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