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De Fuck You Guys De Fuck?

Here I am at 7pm still awake.I finished watching revolver and I am bored as fuck!
I can't get any sleep,I am bored to even watch family guy.I also got tired of football manager for fuks sake.
So I say to myself why not read some manga.I am a bit tired of bleachexile stupid adds so why not come here and read??
Out of the blue I wonder what is going on in this forum.I drop by(didn't bother to log in)and it hits me.
Why not make a troll account have fun for like 1 hour and if they find me out no biggie they will ban both my aacounts.
I wasn't gonnna use this one in thw future anyways.
So I change my ip make an email and then BAM!
When did this forum started to fail that bad?I mean it always kinda sucked but this is soooo fuckin gay!

It 's like watching G in a fubu shirt making out with Redneck boy
More things changed also??So I made this list of things you should to do to make this forsaken place a decent shithole at least.

1)I demand a vid of Tom making a tea party with his dolls
2)I demand that Freshgrease finally admitts he is gay and from the forum to organise a ball in order to raise funds for his sex change
3)I demand any nasty looking attention whore to get banned at spot when posting pics
4)I demand from that faggot boy that once said his gf took a picture of him, I don't remember to be honest, to show his real identity and admit that is Shino
5)I demand that D.A. gets a section to own by himself that nobody else posts.That would make him happy enough to stop being such a nuttsack
6)I demand from miburo to admit openly on spam zone he is a woman that trolled us all from the start
7)I demand Bal to post only when he is drunk.Or start taking meth.
8)I demand that jaxon stops acting like a silly nanny and start ripping on others again.
9)I demand to close the naruto/manga sections.Nobody really cares.When you grow older you will see that it is useless to prove if sasuke is more gay than pride
10)I demand each and every one of you hoes to accept the fact that G is a g and to show him tities at sight.

That is all.Oh ye perm ban me if you can guys so that I won't come to this site again.Exterminate also would be nice
Oh yea and if any of you voted for obama is a fucking shitbag

and a farewell song bitches

of course this topic was made to get me banned and was a result of huge amount of boredom


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