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Re: onepiece_568

since theres no onepiece next week, heres something to quinch our thurst with.

its not too bad a predection

Source: NJA @3ch
Verification: pending
Translation by KissMyAssBitches
569 spoiler
cover: shows Luffy in a Christmas outfit with a fake beard giving gifts to Chopper and Usopp.

1st part: Luffy is shown completely powered up because Ivankov has given Luffy another shot of vigour hormones. The force coming from Luffy has caused buildings to collapse behind the platform. Everyone has stopped fighting and are amazed.

Garp: “So, reckless… I will have to stop you for good, …..Luffy” Luffy shoots off fast toward the platform and Kizaru sees him and goes to intercept. Garp with quick speed appears in the front of Luffy and is about to strike him but Luffy dodges in a split-second. “GEAR SECOND!!”

Kizaru: “Where are u goi…” Garp strikes Kizaru by mistake and sends him flying to the wall.
Garp: “Argh!” Kizaru looks unconscious laying by the destroyed wall.
Marines: “The legendary Garp the Fist has knocked out Kizaru…”

Sengoku: is thinking “Garp! what are you doing?”
New World Pirates: “I guess its true … old man Garp is the legendary marine hero.”
Buggy: thinking in his head “Great distraction, Mugiwara…” but says to his guys “Aaahha ha! Now, lets do it!”
Buggy followers: “Lets Go and execute the plan for Captain Buggy!! YEAH!!!”

2nd part: Luffy has made his final resolve to save Ace and is attacking the platform but encounters other Vice Admirals Momonga and Doberman. They appear in front of Luffy to stop him as before.

Luffy: “Out of my way …!! Pant! Pant!” is thinking ~ “I will try my new attack now…”
Luffy: “Gomu Gomu no …! Luffy stretches his hands together behind him to form a ball but there seems to be a force with them this time. Strikes Vice Admiral Momonga first ~ Jet Time Bomb!!!
Momonga: “What did u do to me…? I cant move” Luffy smiles and dodges an attack from Vice Admiral Doberman who attacks from behind. Luffy uses same attack on Doberman too.
Luffy: “Hee he hee! Its my new attack.” Then suddenly vice admirals are shown being blown up and far away by unseen force like a bomb just went off.

Ivankov: “Vaaat! A delayed time attack…”
Ace: “Luffy!”
Garp: “Luffy using haki now… I see! ~ with his rubber ability his punches can be loaded with even more power than mine when I was at my prime.”

3rd part: The tide of the war is changing to the side of the pirates. Captain Buggy enters into the fight and tries something unusual with the help of his followers. Whitebeard looks exhausted but Marco steps in to fight Akainu. Jozu is busy fighting Admiral Aojiki.

Jozu: “Its going to take more than alittle ice to stop me!!” Aojiki tries to freeze Jozu entire body but Jozu slams his diamond arms together with haki force breaks Aojiki attack.
Aojiki: Jos ! Pant! Pant!

Jozu: “You damned Marines!! – Diamond DRILL!! “ Jozu jumps at Aojiki and spins his body as he turns his whole body into a diamond. Aojiki is drilled into the ground and breaks into small pieces.

4th part: Marine Headquarters are having a hard time with both Whitebeard pirates and the prisoners from Impel Down. A darkness is forming behind Marineford as well as two marine battleships are approaching from the bay area.

Sengoku: says “Whose on those marine ships?…” but is thinking- “I hope its Teach because right now…. we need help”

The last scene shows Admirals Akainu and Aojiki look worried as they see a darkness forming beneath the rest of the platform.
When Ichigo said ‘i will defeat Aizen’ I said : ‘Keep dreaming’
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It's well past midnight
I should get up to pray
The mirrors of my honesty
have long been filmed with dust

I should get up
I still have time
My hands can yet discern
a jug of water from a jug of wine

as time's wheeled chariot
hurtles down the slope of my life

Perhaps tomorrow
the poisonous arrows aimed at me
will hunt down my eyes
two speckled birds startled into flight

Perhaps tomorrow
my children
will grow old
awaiting my return
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