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Re: Just a Thought THREAD

Originally Posted by Gakure View Post
Does any one have the feeling that naruto was not born with whiskers (tribal marks) and that it was due to the kyuubi resident in him, and will dissapear when he learns to control the kyuubi?

Just a thought.
I'm pretty sure the whiskers are to do with the Kyuubi, but won't disappear with the control of it. Gaara has the dark rings around his eyes due to Shikaku but he's kept those rings after the one tail was extracted from him.

Originally Posted by ask me anything View Post
Yes that's all true, however Rasengan has a much higher level of shape manipulation then Chidori so it kind of evens out. Besides sasuke already knew how to do elemental recompisition for his fire element so learning to do it for lighting shouldn't have been that hard. Plus he had sharingan to help speed up the learning process.

Not that it matters, but originally stubborn_naruto was trying to say Sasuke's primary element was lightning when anyone who's read the manga knows it fire. I was just pointing out if that were true then it wouldn't have took as long to learn chidori (it would have likely took 3 weeks instead of a full month), because he would already learned to use lightning recompisition and the shape manipulation for chidori isn't that hard.
It actually took about 15 days for Sasuke to learn Chidori. I'll go get that page now.

Read from then onwards. I've been recently buying the manga in English and I noticed that, as everyone else had been previously saying it had taken a whole month, when it had rather taken only half a month.

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