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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

Originally Posted by Raifire View Post
The funny thing about morality is... it is a very personalized view. One might say that pride in itself IS immoral, in "giving up" that pride, and not being prideful is moral. And therefore you are being the "best" human you can be by being humble.

By the way that is not necessarily my point of view... I just like to play devil's advocate.
Van is right.

Morality is a code of conduct formed on the basis of achieving a goal. Some people believe in an ethical system, which sees itself as the goal. One should be ethical for the sake of being ethical. I definitely would agree that this is a view on morality that exists. However, it is irrational. I am not going to recognize the 1,000,000 people that believe in big foot while I am arguing about animal rights. It is irrational. I don't give merit to a point that I believe has none. I don't see how that is wrong. That is how we all operate on some level.

So I don't believe in moral relativism. There is only one kind of moral code that is superior and that is the rational one. The rational view of ethics, which sees morality as a means to an end, is about achieving goals. Pride is necessary for the achievement of one's own goals. Don't believe me? Try learning how to ride a bike as you tell yourself you won't be able to know how to do it. That doesn't make much sense.
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