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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

I can't believe you have heard it considered great literature. I would think just about every English teacher in America hates her.

It is written well though. I read those 1200 pages faster than I read my 300 page Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen. Jane Austen is horrible, but 1200 pages is still a lot.

I don't think Atlas Shrugged is enough to convince someone of individualism and egoism. I found The Virtue of Selfishness to be the most convincing of her works. Existentialist literature ties in with her a bit despite her denial of it, and the denial of modern existentialists (or really post-moderns). She was going to name her philosophy Existentialism, but she changed it so as to not confuse it with the philosophy, which "worshiped the zero." Don't ask me why Objectivism was any less of a confusing name because I don't understand why the hell she picked that. There are big differences between existentialism and Objectivism, but I think that if one picks out the good in existentialism you arrive at a place similar to Ayn Rand's philosophy.

Oh, and get ready for the semi-violent sex scenes.
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