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Re: The Longest Thread Ever v28

Originally Posted by Shrike View Post
Alucard died at the end of the manga D:

Also, it might not be the shiniest jewel out there, but it sure as fuck is a hundred fold better then Twilight.
Alucard didn't die,He just got tricked into vanishing into nothingness by sucking that weird little boy,where he found out that the way to escape this realm he got traped in is to kill every one he sucked,despite that at 1st he thought that he was finished. So he broke free after 30 years or whatnot.

Originally Posted by Tabris View Post
i still haven't read or seen any of it, 'cept for clips
it looks so bad ass, and i wanted to watch it with my friend andrew or w/ doug, but between all the other manga i've b een buying for the last three years, it's hard to find the money/time

although with my own laptop now i guess i coudl download it! and my mother wouldn't freak out!
Hellsing is a must watch/read taby,your gonna like it. But beware when downloading the anime because there is OVA(10 eps) and tv series (13 eps),The tv series was the 1st attempt into making the manga into anime but at that time the manga wasn't finished yet so when they got to that point the author told them to finish the series with any BS they can come up with so they did and they also manipulated the plot like they inserted fillers and removed very important events.

So if you are looking for the canon Hellsing anime make sure to download the OVA. They released 7 up until now,They release an ova every 8 month roughly however,The manga is finished so you can watch the OVAs and finish the rest from the manga if you don't want to wait.
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