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Re: Swine Flu

Easy. Because It's new. When no one know what the hell something is, if it looks scary they say "Oh my god! What is this thing killing all these people? It's a monster! Someone needs to find a cure quick!" when really the truth is right below their noses. They've been driven into unneccesary paranoia. That's how the world works...

Then again, some people realize the truth and are just like Mal here. "I beat the flu with no problem." They're the ones that realize this is all a stupid panic. Also, it's said and it is true that the healthier and more natural about staying clean you are without trying to go to major measures of some OCD system or w/e, the less you are to receive the flu.

Translation: "Oh, I see it. So what have we learned about having kunais in our mouth?

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