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Re: Swine Flu

I think the vaccine is whats deadly, and gonna prove to be bad, all i see here is commercials to get it you gotta get it.. and its been known now, that over a million vaccines have contained the live vaccine, vaccines are the dead virus.. and our body attacks it and devolpes anti bodies.. its pretty much like training but the virus isn't alive and isn't actually attacking us.. well supposed to be and its no accident... they would radiate it.. also the hpv vaccine they tell all girls to get to stop HPV human papiloma virus?? I don't spell all that great but it's not good either I heard it causes cancer and infertility.. The way things are going.. idk what is good and whats bad.. but there vaccines coming out like crazy aren't looking good.. as well as other things.. my lil sister friend caught the swine flu.. and her parent were giving the vaccines.. within weeks a week I think both her parents were diagnosed with cancer my sister and her friend are 11 coincidence look forward from hearing your guys opinions and experiences and reading the rest.. Ps my names Adam
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