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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

-Conclusion Part two of three

(The Heroes from Konoha stare down their advasaries. The Hokage comes to a startling revelation.)

The Hokage: Zane! Why!? WHY ARE YOU WITH THE UHE LEADER! (Blank shakes his head in pain however, manages to let out a response.)

Blank: Please... Get this over with... (The people from Konoha as well as Tetsuo are shocked from his response.)

Hope: He can't be "THE" Uzumaki Zane? I heard he was killed during the 4th shinobi war!

Nila: Is this the man I heard you praise? Dad! Is this your proud friend!?

Zig: He's part of the UHE! I don't give a damn what he was known for!

The Hokage: WAIT!

Hope: Damn it, Zig...

Nila:.... (She covers her face in shock as Zig pulls out two Kunai. Zig goes into a striking position, preparing to attack the torn Zane. Tetsuo puts his hand on Zane's shoulder, as a way to comfort his mind however, Zane shrugs off his shoulder.)

Tetsuo: BlanK?

Zane: Just who am I? No, I rather not know. (Zane has flash backs of him hanging out with The Hokage years ago before the 4th shinobi war, as well as leading his village, of the Whirlpool country. The scene switches back to the present. The Hokage orders everyone to appear aside him... Zig reluctantly but surely, returns to The Hokage's command.)

Hope: This is unexpected, what do you suggest sir?

The Hokage: I don't know, but if push comes to shove let me handle Zane alone.


The Hokage: He's an honest to goodness Uzumaki... Only I can handle him...

Nila: But if that's the case let me help! I'm also of Uzumaki blood!

The Hokage: NO! You three will face Tetsuo... He's much more troublesome. And I'm sure you three have realized, but the three of you combined are stronger than even me! It's not just by chance that you three are to face Tetsuo...

(Zig Shrugs.)

Hope: Listen to our father, he knows what he's talking about. Just follow his command-(Hope cuts himself off as the heroes from Konoha watched as Zane straight punched Tetsuo in the face, knocking him out flat!)


Hope: Well, I guess that solves one problem.

Nila: What is going on?

The Hokage: I just don't know... (Zane rips off his shirt, on his back he is branded with the the words, SNA PROJECT ORIGIN. Tetsuo gets up and rubs his face.)

Tetsuo: Really now, so you're just going to punch me? (The Scene switches over to our good guys.)

Hope: So that's how it is...


Nila: What does it mean? (All of a sudden Zane backs off and rushes to the aide of the heroes. Zig gets on his guard ready to attack, The Hokage yells.)

The Hokage: ZIG, CALM!

Zig: Tsk...

(The Hokage walks over and faces Zane.)

The Hokage: So?

Zane: My DNA was used as data to support the growth of the SNA, as by some stupid chance my genetic make up had the ingredients to produce the results required from their biological enhancements... My memories were wiped but, I was slowly able to piece them back together... My friend, I'm sorry, but, I no longer deserve to stand under your light, for I may cast a greater shadow.

I gave up my village in hopes to become a weapon that would guide my people to glory but, in the end, I ended up as a weapon in opposition to my people. My very being is the reason why the SNA exists... Please, do not interfere. As the original SNA troop, allow me the opportunity to attempt to put this all to an end. If I can't even do that much, then my death is worth such a failed attempt! (Zane rushes forward as The Hokage reaches out his hand.)

The Hokage (in thought): I never blamed you... To me, you were always....A hero of the people; if you can pull this off, your mistakes will be long since null in comparsion...

(Hope talks to the Hokage.)

Hope: So, are you just going to let him go, even after telling such a story?

The Hokage: This is his redemption... At the very least, Zane is a formidable fighter. Now that he had his body enhanced by the SNA scientists, he should be an opponent for even Tetsuo...

Nila: That's probably a reason he's second in command... The guy knocked me out instantly four years ago.

Zig: I guess we'll just have to see this out.

The Hokage: We should get to higher ground, this isn't going to be a safety zone. (They all nod as they rushes off to higher elevation. The Scene switches over to Zane as he lands in front of Tetsuo.)

Tetsuo: You'll abandon me? Even after all we've bee through... You're such a fool...

Zane: I rather we not talk... Blank is no more. His existence faded the moment I came back to the true...

Tetsuo: I didn't foresee this, but even you must realize how capable I really am. Oh yeah, I must have forgotten... You're not Blank, so you wouldn't know would you? Even if your former self was instigated through technology, it had reason on its side. You'll really die against me, you know that...

Blank: Your attempts at persuasion bore me, or are you actually scared of my power?

(Tetsuo smiles.)

Tetsuo: Blank was much better than this. (Zane immediately rushes forward while Tetsuo smirks.) Taijutsu huh? The basis of all combat. Fine, let's start with this... (Zane does a quick right straight punch, as Tetsuo slips his head. Tetsuo takes this opportunity to cling Zane's arm with his arms. Immediately, Tetsuo lifts Zane into the air. Tetsuo squeezes tightly.)

I'll just break it off. HAAA!

Zane: AHHHHHH. (Zane then retaliates by using his free hand; he begins socking Tetsuo in the face.)

Tetsuo: HAVE IT YOUR WAY! (Tetsuo swings around in circles and then tosses Zane through the air. Zane quickly pulls out two Kunai. He digs them into the earth to increase friction. Immediately, Tetsuo is in front of the shaken up Zane. Tetsuo makes very fast hand signs.)

Zane (in thought): The speed of his hand signs are remarkable.

Tetsuo: Fuuton: DISK SLICER (A large round circular disk of wind forms in front of Tetsuo, it then fires off... Just inches from hitting Zane's body, Zane activates body flicker and avoids it. Zane appears about a few meter's distance away from Tetsuo's left side.

Tetsuo turns around to face Zane. Tetsuo smirks. Close up on Zane's torso shows that a horizontal cut near his belly button has just contributed to bloodshed however, it isn't deep at all. So he managed to avoid a certain death.)

Tetsuo: Hmm... I drew first blood... As expected. Though, I didn't expect you'd avoid that attack from close range. I'll give you credit for that at least... (Zane begins making handseals. Then many [about 100 hundred of them) bubbles of water, the size of fists, expels from Zane's mouth... They begin to circle around the area.) Didn't know you could make this many... One slip into my mouth and it's all over for me right? But I say to you this... Overconfidence leads to recklessness.

(Zane sticks out his hands and takes control of the floating bubbles. He then starts directing them towards Tetsuo. Tetsuo then starts to gather chakra, then he starts moving his hands all over the place, some how dispersing the bubbles coming at him from a distance. Everywhere Tetsuo directs his hands, bubbles bursts all around him [telepathically almost].)

Zane (in thought): He is indeed worthy of the title Boss of SNA.... (Bubbles keep flying at Tetsuo while Tetsuo keeps using his mind and hands to disperse the bubbles. Eventually all of the bubbles are reduced to puddles of water in which now turns the floor of the area into a small, knee high flood.

Zane then quickly makes the bore hand sign and quickly touches the water, as Tetsuo is caught off guard. A dome of water made from the water that was created from the flood on the ground forms an enormous water prison. Basically, instantly Tetsuo's body is encased in a sphere of water. The scene switches to the Konoha heroes.)

Zig: No way!

Hope: He's astounding...

The Hokage: Zane...

Nila: I guess we don't have to do anything after all. (The scene switches back to the battlefield. Tetsuo is floating calmly in the huge sphere of water... Soon a large whirlpool forms in the water as Zane puts his hands on the sphere. It seems he created it in there to cause more trouble for Tetsuo. Soon, automatically the orb of water explodes which sends water everywhere. Zane then falls back and hits the ground hard from Tetsuo's chakra disrupting attack.)

Zane: Damn it... And I used up almost all of my chakra with that multi-layered jutsu... (The Scene switches to the Konoha heroes.)

Hope: He couldn't hack it.

Nila: And he was so close...

The Hokage: That technique, Tetsuo used...

Zig: Could it be?

Nila: What Zig?

Zig: The jutsu Tetsuo is using... I think I know... The way he controlled his chakra.

Nila: I guess since you're his brother, then maybe...

Hope: I noticed it too.

The Hokage: Quickly, debrief it!

Zig: Well...

(The Scene switches back over to the battle. Tetsuo has his foot on top of Zane's torso.)

Tetsuo: It could have been great... You were the best out of all of them... Your only flaw was coming to your original persona... You are no different from all of the other fools I crushed under my feet. In face of overwhelming pressure, the smart conforms in order to stimulate the growth of a legacy. It seems even you can fail to understand such a simple yet instinctively law of nature... (Tetsuo digs his foot deeper into Zane's body.)

Next time: Is this the end of Uzumaki Zane? Conclusion Part 2 of 3 (Part 2)...
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