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Re: Jesus, not the first

@ Hitomare urufu.

Something you need to consider about having the IQ of a "genius".
1) Intelligence is your ability to understand and make sense of information given to you. However, your intelligence can be corrupted by preconceptions. You are a classic case of this. You may be intelligent but you are hampering that intelligence by not allowing equal weight to both lots of information given to you. You show a bias to religion and the bible and instead of standing on the sidelines and watching the 2 lots of information battle it out in your head. You stand in front of the bible as a body guard and bat away the counter information coming at you.

2) Your IQ does not add weight to your argument in a debate. Your IQ can affect how well you think out your argument and put it forward, which will inherently add weight to your argument. But saying:
"The bible is right because it says so in the bible"
"My understanding of all the information is right because I have a genius IQ"
Is all just pointless.
I could very easily say that these 2 points that I have put forward are more right because I too have a genius IQ, but that is pointless. I will rather allow the strength of my argument to convey my intelligence than try to state my IQ number as a bearing factor on the strength of my arguments.

I also dont care for people on the internet to know or care about my IQ level. I know people with double digit IQ's that can hold a conversation with me, and people with far higher IQ's than me that just don't have the same level of understanding as me on some topics. That is all okay, because it is life's lessons and experiences that govern how much someone can understand a topic. A lower IQ person may need more time being involved in the topic of gravitational affects on oceanic tides, but with an open mind they will eventually understand everything to do with it and be able to talk about it with any genius who also understands it.

Im getting off topic a bit here, but the basic point here is: Try to approach a topic of debate with an open mind and no preconceptions, and you may just be able to use that Genius level IQ that you claim to have, and put it to some use.

The point of a debate is not to convert people to your views and ways, religious missions and crusades are more suited to that end. If you came here with the idea that your great intellect was going to convert someone to being religious then you are greatly overestimating your own intelligence.
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